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Since we are current or aspiring information marketers, we should all be pondering something together now. Will infographic presentation enhance info products so we can sell more of them?

An infographic is like a page with related information arranged in an artistic manner, making it visually appealing and interesting.  It allows a lot of information to fill fit together in a way that commands attention and also serves as a decorative poster of sorts.

I saw an infographic set up like the Periodic Table of Elements, remember it? It’s the big poster that captivated us all in Chemistry class.  Surely you remember it fondly as I do. NaCl = salt. H2O = water.

info marketing seo

Search Engine Optimization

But this particular chart packs a timely punch in the form of orderly information on the subject of search engine optimization (SEO).  And that is a subject that should interest us all as well.  We need to know what search engines are looking for when a potential buyer types a search term because he or she wants to find exactly what we have to offer.

SEO is a confusing topic and I think the infographic by Column Five Media reduces the confusion dramatically. It certainly helps me comprehend four off-page categories and three on-page categories that must work together to push my sites higher on search engines. Important stuff.

But possible even more important are the two categories that interfere with SEO. Those are the things NOT to do.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking, which is that infographics should be used to convey information in a simple, organized way for our info products customers?

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