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Will Information Marketing Help You Quit Your Job?

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If you are among the millions (maybe billions) of people who are financially stressed and looking for ways to make more money, and you are reading this blog, somewhere in your mind the question is surely lurking. Will information marketing help you quit your job?

James Altucher says you’d better get ready to quit your job, that’s for sure. His ten-point list on TechCrunch includes statements and questions, all designed to lead thinking people to take responsibility for their own futures, such as, “Count right now how many people can make a major decision that can ruin your life.”

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Corporate Job vs Information Marketing Business

Altucher says, “The myth of corporate safety, of rising up through the ranks, of getting the gold watch, of getting applauded by your peers is over. Not because the economy is bad. But because innovation and the global economy are better than ever.”

I think he hit a nerve because his January 12, 2013 blog post has 457 comments so far. People are desperately looking for alternatives to getting used up and put out to pasture prematurely, so naturally they are looking for alternatives.

I cannot in good conscience tell everyone that information marketing will replace their current salary or wages. That is not true, and I don’t even hint at things like that because it’s not ethical and it’s not legal.

What I can say, and have been saying for over two decades now is that creating information products can build a business that generates income. That income may eventually replace the income from your job, or it may not. But it can work for you if you stick with it.

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