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Wishin’ And Hopin’ Won’t Market Information

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Those familiar words, “Some Assembly Required,” should appear on self-help books and programs, just as they appear on furniture and bicycles purchased neatly packed in a box.  Until somebody takes some action, the stuff just won’t work. It just sits there, filling up space but failing to fulfill its purpose.

Neither the best course nor the most expert coaching will help anybody until that person does something with the information. That goes for you and what you pay for, and it goes for the products you create and sell to market information. It goes for all of us, all the time.

Have you ever wondered why? What’s the pay-off for waiting? Why do we all tend to procrastinate, even after we’ve spent the money and the time to get advice in order to derive benefit?

It could be fear of the unknown, but it could be something else far more insidious. I call it, “fear of loss of everything else.” Choosing means losing because we have to eliminate other options, other actions that might be bett

info marketing assembly

“Some Assembly Required” for Information Marketing Businesses

er or easier, or might have more desirable results. Making a choice is making a commitment.

Molly Gordon shares this advice on the choice to create rather than wait: “When you create you don’t wait for things to go right. You just start living in whatever ways are available that are congruent with what you’ve decided to create.”

Her comment certainly applies to getting started with the choice to market information, and it echoes my sentiments and my own tireless advice to clients and customers for decades.

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