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Write Faster To Build Your Info Business

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Sean D’Souza is a great writer, and he has the unique ability to teach others how to write as well. On his blog this week he gets into a subject that is dear to my heart – how to write faster to build your info business. Well, he’s talking to all writers of course. But I’m talking to YOU!

This is the core of D’Souza’s message, which is somewhat surprising if you are finding it difficult to get motivated to write anything. He contends that we get stuck because we have too many choices, not too few:

“We have way too much choice and this choice factor works against us. So let’s stop and explore where we go off target, shall we?

information marketing writing faster

Write Faster To Build Your Info Business

The three problems of aplenty:

1) Too much time.

2) Too much knowledge.

3) Too many topics.”

This list may have you shaking your head in agreement or in disbelief. Am I right? The majority of us are not suffering from too much time on our hands, so that eliminates number 1 right away. But numbers 2 and 3 are certainly relevant for any information marketer. Too much knowledge and too many topics can definitely get in the way when we are focusing on building an information marketing business.

Getting started writing your e-book or a script for your video product can be overwhelming. But it’s not because you don’t have anything to say, it’s because you have TOO MUCH to say.  If so, you are typical. Yes, it’s normal to have so much to say that it’s basically a process of editing your ideas before you even begin to write your content.

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