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Write or Say Something Embarrassing To Build Your Audience

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Blair Hurley’s blog WriterlyLife is a treasure-trove of information and inspiration for writers. In a recent post she suggests that you write or say something embarrassing to build your audience.  She’s advising writers, but her points are well-taken for information marketers as well. After all, your info products are usually going to start with your own writing.

I’ve noticed that info product teleseminars and webinars often start with the presenter giving a long personal introduction filled with harrowing stories from the past. Some version of rags-to-riches seems to be a common theme. “I was living in a one-car garage with only a space heater for companionship when I started building my million-dollar empire online…”  That sort of thing isn’t even interesting.

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Using Embarrassing Stories to Build Your Info Marketing Audience

Most of us don’t begin with a lot of money when we start our information marketing business, so talking about a lack of money is not embarrassing enough.  How about losing money in business or losing a lawsuit or maybe a spouse? Those are life experiences many people share along with financial lack, but they are ripe for juicy stories we can use.

One of the most significant experiences we all crave, although we usually aren’t aware of it, is NOT seeing ourselves as a loser. We all harbor self-doubt to some degree, and we’ll spend a lot of time and money convincing ourselves of our own worth.  That is not a sad fact at all. It is the key to selling anything, including a character in a novel or an information product on the web.

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