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Write Your Info Marketing Like You Talk To Real People

Information Marketing

If you write your info marketing like you talk to real people you will have a bigger audience.  Nobody likes to struggle to understand. None of us likes to feel stupid, or to have to pretend that we understand.

I got an email today and I’m sure the smart people who are promoting a webinar about the use of consumer feedback on retail websites know exactly what they are talking about. But they may be losing some of their audience by the way they talk. Here’s an example:

information marketing language

If you write your info marketing like you talk to real people you will have a bigger audience.

“Although this customer feedback contains rich social insights, unlocking those insights and making them easily accessible to the right decision maker poses a big challenge for companies.”

I would say, ”Your customer feedback is crucial to you now.”  What do you think?

And here is their list of bullet points describing the webinar:

• Accelerated innovation opportunities and supercharged R&D

• Optimized in-store and online merchandising

• Identified gaps in marketing communication

• Improved vendor negotiation and quality control

Does that reach out and grab you, making you want to sign up and watch the webinar?

How about this – “Join us to discover how three big retailers have used customer feedback over the recent holiday season to increase online and offline sales. They will share their experience to save you time and money using customer feedback now.”

I am not the world’s greatest copywriter, but I do know how to talk in person and in writing so that people understand me. Let me know if you’d like some help simplifying your info marketing, too.

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