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Writing Headlines for Your Info Marketing

Information Marketing

It’s not complicated, but that doesn’t make it easy. Writing headlines for your info marketing gets easier, though, when you have a checklist.

Demian Farnworth provides a concise checklist for writing attention-grabbing headlines on his blog this week. It’s not only perfect for blog posts and articles, but for crafting titles for your info products, too. Here are the four qualities that all begin with the letter, “U.”

“1. Unique

2. Useful

info marketing headline writing

Writing Headlines for Your Info Marketing

3. Ultra-specific

4. Urgent”

Let’s play around with this for a moment…  How about this one, “Mouth-Watering Marinades For Grilling Out Tonight.”  Does that make you curious? I believe it uses all four qualities, yet it’s not too long at all. What do you think?

Farnworth excels at selecting just the right word and keeping his writing punchy and powerful. He uses these four qualities on every page, not just in his headlines. In fact, I’d say he goes over every sentence until it is as tightly woven as possible; which takes time and patience.  That investment of time and patience is what makes his four qualities stand out, as titles and as prose.

I’ve noticed that tight, cogent writing is not always welcome on the web.  Better educated audiences appreciate it, but there are a LOT of folks who want to be spoon-fed slowly, and they don’t want to use up too much energy or brain power sorting out artistic, evocative language.

This is not a criticism, it’s reality. In fact, sometimes that last paragraph describes ME! If I am not in the mood for literature, that’s that. I may be in the mood for basic newspaper-style journalism that doesn’t require much thought. It only requires scanning to get the facts. Just the facts, Ma’am…

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