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You Need To Know About Pirating of E-books – Part 2

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Continuing with what you need to know about pirating of e-books, expanding on my previous post, let’s see what Donna Hernandez learned in her interview with experienced author, Rob Parnell. She asked him, “What do you think is the greatest problem with piracy today?” And he replied:

“The fact that the market is global and that people have easy access to MSS via the Internet. Plus, certain countries in the Far East (China in particular) have a far less precious attitude toward copyright – where piracy is rampant and part of the culture…  As I say, new writers usually don’t have to worry. Being pirated is a sign you’re successful. Piracy is the very least of a new writer’s problems.”

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You Need To Know About Pirating of E-books

Parnell acknowledges my personal contention that it’s not a matter of IF, but of WHEN an e-book will be pirated and published elsewhere online. He says that the responsibility for piracy rests with the publisher, so you know that that means when you’re self-publishing your books. The buck stops with you, unfortunately. And that means the any legal expenses are also your own.

He concludes his comments by saying, “DMCA stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act. It is the form that you file and send to the site where your copyrighted material is posted without your permission. This is not to be confused with websites that promotes your book and gives links to where it can be bought.”

Hernandez’ article has sample language to use in an email to site owners publishing your pirated work and she has the steps she has followed to have her books removed from those sites.

Please leave your comments on any personal experiences you’ve had with piracy issues.

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