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Your Headline Nails Your Information Marketing (Or It Doesn’t)

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Sean D’Souza stresses the importance of headlines in information marketing when he writes, “You already know that 80% of a sales letter depends on your headline.” Essentially, your headline nails your information marketing, or it doesn’t.

The first headline that pops into your mind when you’re writing the content for your landing pages is probably not going to be the best. Sometimes I fill up a notebook page with headline ideas before I get the distinct feeling, “THAT’S the one!”

And even when I’m certain, I test. I test that headline against other headlines in order to determine the real winner. Nobody can be 100% accurate when they are just going by a sixth sense. Professional copywriters who write headlines for a living will tell you that their headlines are successful in getting people to read their copy because they TEST different headlines to see which ones really work in specific situations.


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Your Headline Nails Your Information Marketing (Or It Doesn’t)

Brian Clark’s evergreen post on CopyBlogger offers ten “sure-fire” headline formulas. Here are a few:

“Who else wants ________?

The Secret of ___________.

Little Known Ways To_____.

What Everybody Ought To Know About ______.”

See a pattern here?  I do. I see that they all create curiosity, right? If there is one thing that will get people to click and then to read what they clicked it is their natural curiosity.

Most people don’t think of it as, “learning,” however. No.  Do not use the word “learn” in your headlines because there’s a common aversion to it, because it makes people feel as though what comes next is going to be boring and difficult.

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