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By now you have undoubtedly heard from many, many sources that your info products email list is the key to your successful information marketing business. I agree with that idea, and I also disagree.

Just having a list is not going to provide you with income. It’s all about using your list to generate income, and of course I am NOT referring to selling or renting your list, with one exception. You may decide to do a joint venture with one or more other internet marketers, and in that effort you may send emails to everybody’s lists.  But your list will get an email from YOU, not from other people. That’s the way to do it ethically.

Kara Trivunovic’s post on ClickZ this week talks about the controversy as regards emailing to lists, “There is an ongoing debate among email marketers that is focused around the recipients you should either include or exclude from your mailing. There are basically two schools of thought:

info marketing future email

Your Info Products Email List

*Get to a 1:1 state

* Send  away

Oddly enough, both have some merit, and are likely the correct answer to a very specific situation within your mailing portfolio, but as a broad stroke approach either could fail on its own.”

Her point is that we cannot see every contact on our list the same way. We have to put people in different categories, depending on how often they open our emails. It’s called “segmenting,” and it’s incredibly important. It’s the only way we can email with confidence that we’re not sending spam to people who do not want to hear from us.

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