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Make no mistake about it, whatever you post on the web virtually (important pun) never dies. In other words, your information marketing lives forever on the web, so make sure the legacy you are leaving is a good one.

Seth Godin calls it your “backlist,” which is a publishing term describing the books that a publisher carries in inventory, as yet unsold.  A backlist is the books that were published in the past and are still for sale. Godin uses that image to represent the “inventory” of impressions (photos and words) that exist out on the web, and tend to influence everyone who sees them.

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Your Information Marketing Lives Forever

What’s your backlist out on the web right now?  What is the nature of your inventory of past photos and words that define you at present?

Naturally, I am asking rhetorical questions right now, but it’s really important that YOU can answer them, and give serious consideration to what you are posting now in order to build your backlist, your inventory for the future online. This is critical to your information marketing business.

Building your information marketing empire is one way to build your reputation and your legacy online. I have a lot of older landing pages and websites that are still sending traffic to my current website, so essentially they are out there working on my behalf today. That was a conscious marketing decision on my part, long ago.

It is possible to remove pages from the web if they are detrimental to your reputation and your info marketing business now. Google has a page explaining how to remove pages from its search results.

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