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Nothing says, “2013,” like the words, “video information marketing tools.”  Nothing.  I have sung the praises of video marketing for a long, long time, and now it is commonplace. Video is no longer the wave of the future, it is a daily necessity now.

Your use of video in your information products as well as your use of video to market your products is going to have a direct effect on your success in the current and future marketplace. People are becoming addicted to watching videos to acquire information, not just for entertainment.

information marketing videos

Video is no longer the wave of the future, it is a daily necessity now.

Fortunately, video communication is no longer difficult and expensive. Gone are the hefty video cameras you had to balance on your shoulder to operate. Remember those monsters? Now we have videos cameras inside our cell phones. Even James Bond didn’t have one of those when he first appeared in the movies.

I have noticed that some of my clients are hesitant to make videos because they are not professionals in the video business. They don’t look like movie stars or even local weather people. They don’t like the idea of recording themselves on video for the whole world to see.

Well, if vanity is keeping you from making video info products to sell and from using video marketing tools to promote all your info products, you are making a big mistake. Vanity can be very costly that way.  Just turn on your webcam and start talking.

If you can talk to a client or a customer in person, you can record a video talking to a customer or a client. It’s that simple. My website is littered with videos of me talking to my customers and clients, and it‘s working for me, even though I don’t look like a movie star!

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