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I get this questions all the time. My response has gotten pretty “standard” at this point. I tell people that in information marketing, I’m in the business of taking intellectual property, knowledge and packaging it in various forms. I take knowledge, either my own or someone else’s, determine the BEST form to package it in (audio, video, text, etc.) and then sell that information (primarily) online.

Having gotten this question a LOT over the last many years, I’ve evolved into answering the question the way I described above. I’ll usually continue the answer by telling people I not only do this with my OWN knowledge, but also with other people’s knowledge.

The fact is that I have a LOT of proteges and joint venture partners I’m working with. Some of the projects are going to be more lucrative than others, but ALL of them are getting my best efforts.

One of the things I’ve learned is that you never know which partner will end up getting super excited. The ones that do will always get more help. It’s funny how the folks I THINK will end up doing what they need to do to succeed are not always that ones who do. True in any business.

Selling info products can be very lucrative. BUT, for ME, it’s about the FUN FACTOR as well. It’s really difficult to get excited about a topic in the information marketing field if I’m doing it strictly for the money.

Many people who sell products aren’t this way. They could care less what the product is that they are selling. Essentially, they are mercenaries. They look for financially lucrative opportunities and pounce on them. BUT, very similar to wild animals (and some information marketers are THAT and nothing else), they become bored once they nab their prey.

This method won’t work for me. I need to remain continually engaged with the products and process. If I’m not, I am very apt to forget about it and move on to something else that WILL keep my interest.

Selling information products is also about having a specific set of ACTIONS that you take on a daily basis that will move you toward your goal of building a large list in your niche and maximizing the sale of the products you already have.

You’ll also want to make sure that you keep adding to your product line with new products that you are certain will appeal to your niche. Do this by asking them on a regular basis for what they want/need.

When some says to YOU . . . WHAT DO YOU DO? How will YOU answer them??

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