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10 Ways to Find Out HOW MUCH to Email Your List

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There are some people I know that send out a ton
of emails. The question is always asked: How often
can I email my list?

The answer?

As you might expect, the answer is: IT DEPENDS!

Depends on what? Here are some things to consider
as you weigh how often to send emails to your list.

1. How well do they know you?

The better they know you, the more often you can
email them.

2. How much do they “LOVE” you?

The more they love you, the more often you can
email them? Not sure if they love you? Then they
probably don’t.

3. How often do you have NEW and INTERESTING
info to send to them?

If you have a problem “finding material” to send out
to people, then you need to email them LESS often.

4. How many of your emails contain a product pitch?

If your emails are really content packed you can get
away with a HIGH percentage of pitches. If not, you
MUST pitch less frequently.

5. What percentage of each email’s content is PURE
content versus sales pitch?

The more pure content you have, the more often
you can mail them.

6. Work in a market that is CONSTANTLY changing?

The more your market changes, the more often you
can mail people. Investing and the stock market your
niche? Then 2 or 3 times a day may be OK!

7. Have you “trained” your people to expect VERY
regular mailings?

If so, they won’t be bothered if you continue on the
same pattern or course you’ve been on. If you
increase or decrease the number dramatically,
it will probably hurt you.

8. Do people send you a lot of comments and
questions about your emails?

The more of those you get, the more often you
can get away with emailing people. You’ve got
them engaged and they have demonstrated that
to you by how frequently they respond.

9. Are YOU One of the “Top Dogs” in your Field?

If you are, you can email people more frequently
than the guy/gal just starting out. You are THE MAN
(or THE WOMAN) and with that come certain rights.

10. Do You LIKE to Write?

If you do, it will show. I LOVE writing my Insights.
People can tell. If that’s true for you it will also be
more enjoyable for people to READ and therefore
you can mail more often!

There you have it. Got a question about how often
to email people? Refer to the above.

PLEASE forward this to any and EVERYONE
you know (with my name and website attached,
of course – lol) so that they can GET IT RIGHT, too!!!

MacBook Air

I LOVE my MacBook Air that I have. It’s been the best
traveling laptop I’ve ever had. It’s light and although
it does not have an ethernet or firewire port, I find
that I don’t need those things when I travel.

It’s super light and that has really made traveling

But, to be honest, I also use it a LOT at home as

I’ve got an iMac as my desktop device and the Air
as my portable. When I’m sitting around on the
couch reading or doing online research I use the

If you’re not a Mac user, that’s fine. BUT, you really
should have one to see what your sites look like
to those of us who are.

Stanley, my webmaster has both for that very
purpose. You need to know what EVERYONE
will see when they go to your site.

A “Good Looking” Blog???

I saw someone make a comment on her Facebook
page about how she was having someone “design”
her blog. WHAT THE F***!!!???

The purpose of a blog is to show people how brilliant you
are, and by doing so get great rankings in the search

Search engines don’t give a rat’s behind about how
PRETTY your blog looks. Not to mention that there
are thousands of “good looking” templates you can
get for your blog for FREE.

So, why is this person doing this crazy crap? Because
some “guru” told her that she needs to do this. OR,
even worse, this designer SOLD her on the idea . . .
no guru necessary, just good sales pitch by the

Either way, it’s horsecrap. Pure and simple. Want
to have a GREAT blog? Then populate it with GREAT
content. Don’t waste your time with blog designers.


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