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Again, some interesting info about coaching/consulting.

I wanted to show you this to illustrate how I suggest YOU work with people who inquire about your services.

Here is how a recent email went. After I show you what happened, I have a few important points to make.

All of this happened via email. I’ve edited a bit to maintain the person’s privacy, but the facts have not been changed.

1st Email from Inquirer:
I will be speaking at conference in Vegas later this month. My niche is XYZ — been in it for 30 years and have been involved in all facets of the business. I’ve written extensively on the topic.

For the last 4+ years I had a CEO job at a major XYZ company that has ended and now I’m working on the next chapter in my career. Not sure I want to take another “job” but also know that I never hit it big as a consultant. I don’t know if the market is too narrow — not all that many people in any economy are looking at getting into the XYZ business, so I’m not sure that I can build a large enough list for marketing products, seminars, etc.

I’ve written quite a few non-fiction books and a couple of eBooks. Mostly business topics.

When I’m in Vegas, I’m wondering if I’d have a chance to meet with you on Month, Day, Year?

My DISC profile is high I high D.


My Response:

Thanks for your inquiry about my services.

I have a very specific path for doing any kind of coaching/mentoring work.

If I meet with anyone either in person or over the phone, there is a fee. This fee can then be APPLIED towards my other products and services. You’ll understand when you check out the websites below.

Here’s how it usually works:

1. Someone consults with me in person or over the phone.
2. They then attend one of my info bootcamps
3. After spending a week together WE assess whether or not there is a good match.
4. IF we decide to work together, we proceed from there based on the info at

Take a look at the following: – phone consultation – face to face consultation – one on one coaching system
> – mandatory item before one
on one coaching can begin

After you’ve fully reviewed the above, let me know your thoughts.

PS – my calendar is available at

Email #2 from Inquirer:

I think a face to face would be beneficial — if I’m in Vegas on the X (day of month) and you are available, is it possible to meet at the HOTEL, where I will be (doing something) the next day?

My Response:

Check the websites and my calendar. To meet with me face to face, you pay me.

Email #3 from Inquirer:

My question was where to meet you. I won’t have a vehicle when I’m in Vegas.

My Response:

Moot point without payment. Fred

Emal #4 from Inquirer:

I get the point, Fred. You want to be paid. No problem with that. I can pay you.

Point I’ve asked is one of clarification. After I pay and I am in Vegas and if you are available that day, where does the meeting occur? I won’t have transportation when I’m in Vegas, I’m there to XYZ and it would be an in/out trip except I’d go in early to meet with you.

My Response:


I live hear part of the year and DO have a car here. If you looked at the calendar, I am driving back on that day. So timing works if we can do sometime after noon.



1. This individual cannot follow instructions. I asked him to check out my websites. Clearly he did not.
2. If he is such a successful guy, why balk at payment? More than once! Although the concern was about timing but I am still leary.
3. How much fun would it be to work with someone who doesn’t do what you ask?
4. I remain open to hear from him and reserve the right to change my opinion about him. Hey, things can change, but it doesn’t look like a GOOD MATCH at this point. I’ll keep you posted.


1. Have a specific process that you use to get people to work with you as a coach/consultant.
2. Use separate websites for any/everything you sell: product or service.
3. Don’t work with people who don’t follow instructions from the beginning. It says something about them.
4. Don’t work with people where you don’t “feel” a good personality match in general. Sounds a little New-Agey, but I think it’s true.

5. Even if you are having a hard time making money, adhere to the above principles. What you start out doing is how you end up doing things.

Right after writing this section of this Insight, I had a great conversation with someone who is “signing up” as a new client. He is and I’m sure will be a JOY to work with.

Why not just work with people you resonate with?

BUT, that being said, we all have GOOD friends that when we first meet them we thought: “This person is a complete A**H*LE.” Only later to become great friends with the individual.

So, keep your mind OPEN for the occasional exception, but for the most part, follow the advice above.

IF this person becomes a client, I’ll give you the complete, blow by blow account of how these issue were resolved. They clearly MUST be discussed in order to be resolved. Without that, it would be impossible for me to work with this person.

IF we did discuss all of the above, it IS possible that they could become a client. AND, if they did, it is VERY likely the issues would not come up again in the future because we had talked it out.

2 Different Types of People

In general, I think there are two different types of people. Those who can get things done doing a LITTLE BIT every day. And the others (like I am most of the time) who are CRAMMERS.

We’re the people who generally can’t get anything done unless we’re up against a REAL deadline. All this baloney about how you can impose a fake deadline and “fool” yourself into getting it done sooner are B.S.

It’s sort of like the guy who sets his clock ahead by 12 minutes to not be late. If you’re a reasonably intelligent human being, you KNOW you’ve set the clock ahead and you behave accordingly.

Only REAL deadlines will work for some people. People like ME! I’d like to be different, but I’m not. I’m a crammer. I admit it. If you are, admit it and deal with things accordingly.

I sure WISH I was the other type of person. Things would be easier, but I’m not. That’s reality!

Facebook Advice

If you’re not on Facebook, you SHOULD be. For me, the primary reason is for old friends and NOT for business.

Whatever your reasons, one thing to remember is that people don’t want a clever little quote doled out to them by YOU or ANYONE else.

People want some meat and substance. Don’t get on FB (to those in the “know”) and start handing out pithy but valueless quotes.

A good quote or pithy saying can be helpful and marginally motivating, but it is NOT a substitute for REAL content.

Books/Book Length

I suspect that many people don’t write the books that they have in their heads because it seems like a HUGE task. Most business books, until recently ran 50k words or more.

The new trend is in the OPPOSITE direction. Single issue/topic books have become extremely popular. Their length can be as little as 5-10k words.

If you’ve ever wanted to write a book, please don’t be discouraged thinking is MUST be a certain length.

That’s just NO LONGER TRUE!

Put your outline together. Then write the book. Then get it printed. Don’t hold yourself back because you don’t think it’s LONG ENOUGH!

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See you next time!

All the Best,

©Fred Gleeck 2009

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