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Bad Testimonials: How NOT to do them!

Information Marketing

As you probably know, I live in the Las Vegas area. There is a guy here who advertises on radio. He markets financial information and advice by doing a radio show every week.

Listening to the radio today I was reminded how you should NOT do testimonials.

Here is an almost verbatim example of two of his audio testimonials on his radio ad promoting his show:

“Thanks a lot (TOM),  you’ve really added to my financial knowledge.”

Thanks (TOM), I really appreciate your input.”

Wow! Makes me want to zoom over to his office and turn over my entire ROTH IRA, how about you?

Ridiculous. He either doesn’t feel these testimonials need to be more POWERFUL, or, even scarier, he doesn’t care.

IF you use testimonials, make sure they are good ones.

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