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In college, I was the guy who LITERALLY got my letters sent back from my Dad corrected in red pen.

Painful and annoying at the time? Absolutely.

It now amazes me that I do so much writing. I am proof positive that you can get to be a decent writer if you keep doing it enough.

Every morning I try and do blog posts for 4 sites. For each site I write anywhere from 300-400 words. It’s become a habit.

Like anything, if you do it enough, it will become easier, and you’ll get better.

I made myself do it many years ago when I started writing my books and THIS ezine. I was writing as much as 5,000 words a day. That was a LOT and I certainly didn’t do it every day.

Do you hate to write but KNOW it would be helpful for you and your career? Then my suggestion is to put yourself on a schedule and make yourself do it.

You will get better. I did.

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