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In This Issue:

* Spelling and this Ezine
* Are you OVERexposed?
* Buzz Marketing
* Survey Monkey
* Speakers Roundtable
* Content for Your Ezine

Spelling and This Ezine

Someone took the time to send me an email letting me know that I had mispelllled a woord in my last email. If you read this email to catch my spelling errors “you got the wrong number.” I sometimes write this thing so fast that I don’t have time to check all the spelling.

Shame on me, right? I don’t think so.

I concentrate on getting you the best information in your hands as quickly as I possibly can. If that means that I occasionally miss a spelling error, so be it.

Unprofessional I’ve been called. OK, guilty!

Unprofessional? Maybe you could use that word. I wouldn’t. BUT, lacking content? Never.

If that kind of thing bothers you, this is NOT the newsletter for EWE!


I used to speak at a lot more seminars given by others. I don’t do that as often anymore.

Two reasons.

First, there are a VERY small number of people who I feel comfortable with at this point. Second is the fact that being seen TOO often by TOO many people is not a good strategy. You start to look like a commodity item when you really want to be seen as a specialty item.

Big movie stars are always concerned about this issue.

By not speaking at a lot of events I make less money short term, but I think my “lifetime” value with my products and services will be much greater.

Buzz Marketing

When I recently went to a seminar and signed up to be coached by a guy named Morgan Westerman. He’s the guy who came up with the site:

This site, for years was #1 in Google when you put in the key word GOD. Other than your own name, it’s good to put in the big guy’s name every once in while! Try it.

Good coaches need to be coachable themselves. Also, I’ve found that it’s a lot faster and easier to pay someone a bunch of money to show me the RIGHT way to do something I don’t know how to do.

It makes economic sense to be coached by the right people.

He’s actually flying in tomorrow, Monday, for us to record a product.

I’m excited and I’ll share you with you shortly exactly what we did and how it will benefit you.

Survey Monkey

If you think you know what your customers want you MAY be right. In my cases, more often than not, I’m dead wrong.

How do you prevent “wasting” your time doing things that don’t make sense?


You ask your customers BEFORE you even produce your products. In doing this you will discover what they want. Not what you think they want.

The tool that I’ve been using is called Survey Monkey.

It’s at No matter who you are and what you do, this site will prove invaluable to you.

Take a look and tell me what you think.

It costs about $20 a month and pay for itself within the first month if you start using it.

Speakers Roundtable Event

Yesterday I spoke to a group called Speaker’s Roundtable. This is arguably the most prestigious group in the speaking community. I ended up speaking to them for about 3 hours.

It is a group of around 20+ people, many of whom are former Presidents of the National Speakers Association and other luminaries.

Other than my bragging here, why is this important for YOU to know?

A few things.

First, I took over 40 hours (I tracked it) to put together the handout materials and other items that I used for these folks. I’d like to share with you exactly what I did and why.

First off, I quizzed my host (Tony Alessandra – who is 100% responsible for me getting to speak to the group – thanks Tony) on exactly what level people were at with regards to the topic.

I wanted to make sure that I was gearing the presentation at the right level.

My presentation was titled: “Building Your Online Speaking/ Information Marketing Business

I also put together a giveaway package.

I gave everyone a copy of each of my books along with 3 different audio programs that I felt would be MOST helpful to them. I also included a certificate to allow any of the group to attend any of my events for free for the rest of their lives.

Additionally I gave them some other valuable freebies.

Have I lost my marbles? Was this a stupid move? After all, these folks can easily afford to pay the admission to attend any event including one of mine!

Not the point. My entire goal of this presentation was not to sell them a thing. It was to demonstrate my competence and knowledge of my topic. Here is what I put on my handout as it related to the goal of the presentation:

To give you more useable and profit producing content per minute than any other presenter you have EVER heard. For some of you who take action on the information I’m going to give you this 2 hour block of time will be worth upwards of $1 million dollars over the next 24-36 months. That’s a big claim, but I am to prove it.

After I shared my goal with the group I let them know that IF I did deliver on that brash promise, I wanted them to do a few things for me. They agreed.

I received some pretty high marks when I handed out the evaluations an at the end of my presentation I asked them for the following:

1. To spread the word. Many of the folks in that room had heard my name, but few had seen me do a presentation. I let them know that I was interested in speaking at NSA events at both the local and national level.

2. To send clients my way who they felt were appropriate. I am super selective about who I take on as a client but I know that this group would understand exactly who I could work well with.

3. To attend the events that I offer to learn more and become even more convinced that I really do know what I’m talking about.

I try to always look at the LONG term benefits of taking certain actions. I’m sure this will happen if I’m patient.

Content for YOUR Ezine

You may have heard me tell the story about a guy who took one of my emails and virtually copied it word for word. To remind you of exactly what happened I shared a very personal story about something I did a couple of years back in NYC at a restaurant. My goal was to illustrate the “pay it forward” concept.

The reason for “borrowing” my content was he was TOO BUSY to come up with his own content. Well, here is how I do it.

How do I get so much content in this ezine? Simple. I document my work days. Since I’m really working in the field of information marketing, there is tons to share.

Those people who are “posers” and are just BS-ing about their exploits in the field of information marketing have very little to write about. Why? They are liars and frauds. They talk about things they have never even done before in most cases.

It’s like the person who gets into internet marketing and his or her first product is on: “How to Make Money on the Internet.” This is absurd and ridiculous. I saw John Reese bust one guy who did this so bad I haven’t heard from him since.

If you are doing whatever you do for “real” you will have no problem coming up with content. All you have to do is document your day. Even if you think something is trivial write it down and share it with people.

Heck, if people will watch Anna Nicole Smith or Ozzy Osbourne live their lives, people who are in your field will be delighted to hear exactly how you spend your day. Don’t assume people don’t want to know about it.

I’m sitting here right now on my new leather couch with the TV muted while I’m on a conference call. Multi-tasking is my middle name.

Take a look at that last paragraph. Why would I put this in my ezine? Why should you share something similar? Because people want to know a little bit about you personally. Don’t share TOO much, but make sure to let people know you’re a real human being.

By describing how I’m writing this ezine it gives you a real picture of me and lets you know I’m a real human being. Why is this a good idea? Because people buy from people they like. People buy from people who are real.

Does this take me a long time to write this ezine? It does. Possibly because I’m a crappy writer. I’m not just saying that. I’m a GREAT speaker. I’m an average writer. Getting better, but as many of you will attest to, my writing has a lot of problems.


I had a friend email me a few days back about a seminar he just did. He had contacted me to participate. I initially agreed until I learned of some of the people who would also be speaking at the event.

After hearing a couple of names that made me feel uncomfortable, I bowed out.

Some seminar speakers may make the argument that it doesn’t really matter who else is speaking at an event. You are there to do your thing and it doesn’t really matter who is there and whether or not you like or don’t like them or their personal behavior and ethical stance on issues.

I respectfully disagree. Birds of a feather DO flock together. I don’t want to be associated with anyone who is doing things that I feel inappropriate.

Does this reduce the number of invitations I get to speak?

You betcha! Does is allow me to sleep better at night?


I’d rather make less and feel 100% comfortable with who I do business with.

I was just speaking to one of my partners, Rick Frishman. Here is a guy who I could trust with YOUR first born child. I could do an event with Rick, go to Europe for 10 years and come back. Rick would have put my piece in an interest bearing account and have it waiting for me when I returned.

These are the kinds of people that I want to cavort with.

If that number is small, so be it.

When you’re getting started, make sure and properly vet the people that you have speak at your events, or whose events that you choose to speak at.

See You Next Time!

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