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Contents in this Issue:
Normally I would give you a table of contents, but I wanted to get this out right away so it’s a little “rambly” but well worth reading!

Well, I’m back in Vegas. A rather quick ride cross country with my good friend Paul Hartunian made it a lot easier to take than the last couple of times I did this.

I do NOT think I’ll be driving cross country again. I’ve had enough.

Right after Thanksgiving I attended a couple of events and have some ideas to share with you as a result.

I went to a Web Publishing Course at Stanford. I paid close to $1500 to attend this 3 day event. The thing I liked most were some of the people I met. That let’s you know what I thought of the content!

I don’t get it. The people who ATTEND these events must not get out much. Out of the 12 or so speakers that they had, I would have only allowed 3 to speak at an event of mine. Frankly, they were WEAK!

Why can they pack people in a room? Because they are STANFORD University. The name does the selling for them.

Additionally, the people who attended the event were mostly people who were being PAID to attend. They worked for corporations and non-profits and I GUESS they don’t know what bad (or good for that matter) is!

Why was it so bad? Two things: content and delivery!

After you get people into a room, that’s pretty much it. Sure you can put on a good show and give people great food but that won’t mean crap if you can’t give them good content delivered in an interesting and entertaining manner.

The name got me to attend, I assume that is what got most people there. Don’t get me wrong, the people who put on the event were nice enough, but the event itself was awful. Too bad.

What’s even worse? I don’t think they know it! If they had a group of entrepreneurs (like myself) packing the room, there would have been a riot.

Needless to say, I’m not going back.

Now, the good news. After getting off the plane on Friday morning in Vegas I immediately went to another event held on the UNLV campus. This was offered by Robert McKee.

If you saw the movie ADAPTATION with Nicolas Cage, you know who I’m talking about. He does this thing called the STORY SEMINAR.

This event was AMAZING. If you’re interested in film and more particularly, screenwriting, this is WELL WORTH attending.

The content was amazing and his presentation was stellar.

A couple of words on both.

First, his content has been honed over the years. He’s been doing this (I would assume) almost EXACT event for the last 20 years or so. He’s got it down. He knows what works and he even knows what jokes to tell when.

If someone goes to this event and applies the info, they can (and many have) win Oscars for screenwriting.

He’s got a boatload of Oscar winners who have gotten there because of his event. Heck, even Kirk Douglas (at age 70+) was sitting in the front row for one of his seminars in L.A. Or so we were told. I have no reason to doubt him.

He put the seminar together in a logical order and delivered it with solid examples. Even if you don’t have any interest in the topic you may want to go to watch how he did it. Well done.

Here’s another interesting thing he did. You were NOT allowed to ask any questions or make any comments during the seminar. He would entertain questions during the breaks, but you could not ask or contribute during the event.

I understand why given the VOLUME of content, but it also allowed him his RANTS, which he delivered with regularity throughout the 3 days. These tirades addressed such “NON CONTROVERSIAL” topics as abortion, marriage, relationships, politics, sex, etc.

Don’t go if you feel the need to argue with someone who has a different view than yourself in these areas, your hair will be pulled out by noon on the first day.

Although I didn’t agree with everything that he said. I’m a rather opinionated SOB myself, I found watching him and his delivery fascinating. This guy knows what he’s doing and even if you’re not in the field, he’s worth seeing.

His site is: If you go, let me know your thoughts.

He did a few other interesting things I’d like to point out.

First, he let you know early on the first day that you didn’t need to take notes. You could buy his book for $25. In fact, he’s done this seminar so many times he almost recites the book. Same stories, same examples.

The product offering that he made included a number of things of his and some other items like sofware for screenwriters and a GREAT book by a friend of his called: THE WAR OF ART. Get it!

The seminar cost around $550 to attend and he does it all over the world. I asked his assistant how many people he gets in NYC and I was told sometimes as many as 3-400. How much marketing expense? Virtually none.


This guy has become THE GUY to go to if you want to learn about screenwriting.

Ask yourself: Have you become THE person that people should go to to learn about YOUR field. I humbly submit to you that I AM that person as it relates to Information Marketing and Seminar Marketing. Thus my two events yearly on both topics.

You don’t get to be that person through the “shrinking violet” method of marketing. Whether you’re Robert McKee or Bill O’Reilly, you need to have and express OPINIONS. Will some people HATE you, you betcha!

Shoot, even if you’re president, close to half of everyone hates you!

The success of this guy, McKee is also told in the fact that he has stuck to the SAME topic for all of these years. It also doesn’t hurt that the topic is EVERGREEN. Screenwriting will be the same tomorrow as it is today. Shoot, he even used examples from Homer that fit his model.

Your action point: TRY if you can to create topics that will be the same 20 years from now.

I’m not that lucky myself, my topics are constantly changing. Good in one sense. People who attend a workshop this year SHOULD come back and attend the same workshop a year later. In this internet age stuff changes so rapidly, you’d be crazy not to.

My Dad always said, the quality of a professor could always be judged by the quality of the bibliography he/she gave you. If THE WAR OF ART is an example of the kinds of books that McKee recomends, I’m impressed. I’d like to know MORE of the books that he reads!

That book has also prompted me to begin a new venture. I’m going to be launching a membership site shortly.

After all, I have spent a considerable amount of time and money to launch a great piece of software called

We will make this the definitive piece of content management software. That’s the fancy name for Membership software I learned when I was at Stanford!

Next week’s teleseminar will be with Dave Debs who has headed the creation of this software. Don’t MISS next week on Tuesday for the 60 minute teleseminar on the topic of membership sites.

We do NOT intend to record it, so CHANGE your schedule if you have something else planeed.

Back to my new venture. As you may know, I’m a huge movie fan and an avid reader. I tend to do more movies than books, but I like both of them about equally. You’d also have to throw live theatre into that mix as well.

Given my love for the three, I’m starting a membership site called This will give you a review of any and all of the movies, books and theatre that I attend.

I’ll be reviewing anything that I read both fiction and non-fiction.

I’m also going to make this incredibly affordable. It’s only going to cost $9.95 a month to be a member.

I’ll have the site separated into categories and I think you’ll find it interesting. It won’t be up for a while yet, so be patient.

Action Point for you? Turn activity you are already doing into cash. I’m going to continue to read, go to movies and see plays. Why not get paid to do it?

What can you take that you’re already doing and turn into cash. Don’t forget selling all the CRAP you’ve got sitting around on Ebay.

Speaking of ebay, I am happy to tell you that I’ll be headed out to LA to get together with a new friend, Adam Ginsberg to create a product. Adam has just had a new baby so I’ll be traveling to LA to go into a studio there. The product we’re putting together will be perfect for you as an internet marketer.

More on that later.

Another site I’ll be launching shortly will be: You’ll also be able to get to it via: fredsale and just to make sure that no one plays any games with the name.

This site will be dedicated to taking any information product that I have that I’m not selling as actively anymore and allowing YOU to get AMAZING prices on these items.

This site should be up within the next few weeks.

Again, look for an announcement soon.

Your action point? Create a separate site to sell all of your STUFF that’s either slightly dated or in less demand or that you’re no longer promoting heavliy but have inventory of.

You can also use a site like this to sell “hurt” merchandise. Friggin Amazon keeps send me back my books that I’ve sent to them that THEY have screwed up.

By the way, I’m setting up this site in such a way that there will be a minimum order amount of $100. That may consist of 2 or 3 items, but I don’t want to be fulfilling products out of my office for less than that amount.

When people call or email me for ONE book I send them to Amazon. I do NOT suggest you get into the business of selling products YOURSELF for less than $100. It will be a royal waste of your time.

Feel free to borrow the naming scheme I’ve used to create your sites.

If you are John Doe, then reserve and the like. Good luck on this one. I’m sure mine will work like gangbusters.

As soon as my site is up, feel free to copy THAT as well. Just please give me credit and don’t claim it as your own. Only fair.

The brings me to another important point. Why do people feel that they need to claim that they’ve invented everything themselves?

The best example I have of this is the concept of reverse shoplifting. This is a term I use in many of my events that gets a big laugh when I explain it.

It’s the concept of going into bookstores and putting your books on the shelves and leaving them there.

The idea being that you don’t make any real money off your books so if you don’t have them in Barnes and Noble, why not go in and GIFT your books to them?

Whenever I do an event, I always give GREG GODEK credit for this one. He’s the guy who wrote the book: 1001 Ways to be Romantic (which God knows I should read!).

I “stole” the idea from him. It’s a great idea, but why should I claim it as mine? He came up with it. You will get MUCH MORE credibility NOT claiming things as your own when they aren’t. Give credit where credit is due.

Also, just launched a Blog. More about that later.

DON’T forget, teleseminar next Tuesday at 8PM EST,
5PM PST 1-580-474-3600 Pin #: 222089. Topic:
“How to Create and Run a Succesful Membership Site”

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