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I’ve got a content packed Insight coming your
way tomorrow. In the meantime, I had to get
two things out to you today.

First, I spent a couple of days with a guy who
is THE expert in the country on doing internet
TV shows. We put together a program which
is not yet done. To be notified about the
program, go to:

When it’s finished, it will revolutionize the
way you do your business online.

The second one is something I just discovered.
I am paying this guy for his highest level
coaching program and I’m impressed.

Take a look at:

I very seldom recommend things, but these
two items are a must. The first one, I have a
part in creating, the second one I do not.

Both are well worth it.

Also, there are still spaces available for:

Hope to see you at one or both!

Talk to you tomorrow,


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