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My 3rd radio show airs this Saturday at 1PM EST. This is my first radio show and I’m learning a lot about the process.

Remember that virtually anything YOU do can be turned into an info product. Would you like to learn how to do YOUR own radio show?

I’ll bet the answer is yes!

So, while I’m learning how to do my show I’m also taking a lot of notes. The notes on how to do the show will be turned into an outline. That outline will be turned into a product.

I don’t have to be the top radio show in the country to show others how to do a show. I just have to have more information about how to do it than those of you who would like to learn.

It’s also helpful to be able to explain things well.

Look at your own situation. Is there something that you ALREADY know how to do that others would like to learn about? My guess is YES!

Are you about to START something new that others MIGHT be interested in learning about?

My guess again is YES.

In either of these two scenarios you need to create an outline. Don’t worry for the moment about what type of info product you’ll do, just start doing the outline for what will turn into that product.

Should it be audio, video or a written product?

AGAIN, don’t worry about that for now. The KEY to doing this is to create a very complete, very precise outline of exactly HOW to do things. Nothing should be left to chance!

Done with your outline? Good, now you can ask yourself the question: How would others BEST learn
about how to do this?

I recently completed a series of short videos with my buddy, Avish Parashar. Avish bills himself as the “motivational smart ass”. I think I also fit the bill for at least two thirds of that moniker.

We are putting up a site,

The site is geared to showing a variety of different niches how to use improv comedy to be more creative. To illustrate, we do some improv skits.

This would NOT lend itself to either an audio or a written product. It just doesn’t make sense.

Doing a cooking show? Audio? Are you kidding? What about golf? Audio? No way.

That being said there are MANY topics that lend themselves to audio. A good example would be my latest program with Bob Bly. Bob interviews me about how to do self-publishing.

Is this a product that screams out the need for video? Nope. Our animated discussion about the topic was a series of questions that Bob asked me about this topic. Virtually all of what we discussed required NO visual support.

Thus, audio became the choice for the product.

As an information marketer, you first have to put together a great outline as I said earlier. What does that mean? What does one look like?

Here is a list of elements your outline should have:

1. Cover the topic completely from A to Z
2. Go in order so no confusion will result
3. Be detailed enough so the person who bought the product can actually do it themselves

Those are the three biggies.

MOST info product producers intentionally violate these principles. Why? They want you to buy their NEXT product. So they can make more money.

BUT, that strategy doesn’t make sense to me or any other THINKING ADULT. Why would you continue to buy something from someone who did NOT deliver on their initial promise?

Answer: You would NOT! Unless you just enjoy giving some of these sleazebags money. Please resist that urge. It only encourages them to continue to produce CRAP!

Here is what I’ve found to be true.

Give people EVERYTHING that you can possibly think of about a topic so that they CAN do it themselves. Do that and your return rates will be VERY low.

When people get the product, they will either:
A. Do it themselves (1% – approx.)
B. Do NOTHING – MOST likely (96%)
C. Ask YOU for help do it (2%)
D. Ask someone else for help to do it (1%)

After people go through a product they first decide IF they are going to take action. IF they do, they then decide whether they will “do it themselves” or get help.

If they decide to get help, they will either get it from you or find someone else. IF you have delivered a great product, they will be HIGHLY likely to choose you to help.

Additionally, if you over-delivered with your product, they will also be highly likely to buy more products from you when you offer them.

Bootcamp Starting Thursday

I’ve got a full house for the next Fred Info Bootcamp starting this Thursday. I’m convinced that this is the ONLY way to get people to REALLY create, market and sell their own info products.

To date, we’ve had airline pilots, plastic surgeons, lawyers, engineers, astrologers, and senators. Quite an eclectic group, huh? You should be here too!

The bottom line is that anyone can learn how to create, market and sell info products IF they learn a system that works.

Each time I do the bootcamp we get some amazing people. Each time it improves. The next one isn’t til March, but I suggest you sign up NOW to hold a space!

Look for a BIG OFFER tomorrow in an email for a NEW program I just completed with Bob Bly!

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