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This is the text of an email I got a couple of days ago:

Hello I was looking at your website ( and was wondering if I could contribute content to your newsletter (and possibly other areas of your website). I am a best-selling author and just finished a new book called XYZ for (a niche I’m very involved with. The book teaches NICHE how new tips and tricks to sell XYZ. I think we have a lot in common and would love the opportunity to team with you. My website is His Name

Just for fun I went to his site and saw he was available for a live chat. I said I got his contact info and was curuious how he knew me.

He didn’t EVEN PRETEND. He said: “I didn’t, I was just surfing the web.”

This is a BRAIN DEAD approach to get to people of REAL influence in their niche.

Speaking of email, I got an email from someone just today who chastised me for not responding to his “heartfelt” email. Tough to respond if I didn’t get it.

I don’t put my “regular” email on all my outgoing emails that I send to my list. The list is now just North of 175k. If I did, I would get BOMBARDED with spam.

So, what I do is I have an email address that I use to go along with my ezine messages. It is not checked, it is deleted. In many of the emails I send out, I DO include my regular email address which is fredgleeck (at) gmail (dot) com.

I hesitate to even include it in this ezine because whenever I do, I start to get a TON of spam and all kinds of CRAP that I hate getting.

People who REALLY want to get a hold of my email can, it just takes some work.

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