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People always wonder how others get press coverage. I recently read a story written by a writer from the LA Times. He’s based in Korea and wrote a great article about a bar I used to frequent when I was in high school in the Philippines.

To clarify, I have a beer every two weeks. Back in high school, same thing. This bar was a place we went every once in a while because of the place itself. It’s called The Hobbit House and it’s staffed by “little people.” I believe that’s the politically correct term these days. If not, my apologies!

After reading the article, I decided to send the guy an email. Within 3 hours I had a response. This guy is the head honcho for the LA Times in Korea!

This is how relations with people in the press start.

I sincerely liked the article and in my first email I told him so. I also told him that if he ever needed anything regarding Americans in the Philippines, I’d be happy to help.

We’ve exchanged 5 or 6 emails at this point.

IF he gets an assignment to cover something regarding the Philippines, do you think I’ll get a call or an email? YOU BETCHA!

Can you do this? Absolutely! Have you done this? Maybe. But more likely . . . not! Why? Perhaps you don’t feel “worthy”? What’s the worst that can happen? The person never emails you back! No big deal.

From now on, every time you see a story in the press that you have a REASON to comment on, get in touch with the writer. Check in . . . say hi . . . ask them to consider using you as a resource in the future. Let them know you’re willing and able.

100% certain you’ll get press in the future? NAH! BUT, you’ll have a greater chance than the person who read the article and did NOTHING!

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