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I have recently reviewed some info products and found them LACKING. Because the person didn’t use the fanciest gear? NO SIREE!

The problem with most products I review is that the way they are made does not make sense. I’ve got a background in creating products the RIGHT way. So, I do have a leg up. It’s sad for me to see people with GREAT material and a lot to say, fall down creating products that just don’t work!

To get products to work, you need MR. STUPID!

What/Who is Mr. Stupid?

Mr. Stupid is the name I have given myself lately while talking to my buddy Dave Hamilton, of WebMarketingMagician fame.

Dave has put some EXCELLENT products together (check out I’m proud to say that some of those products have come out better because we brought MR. STUPID into the process.

Dave Hamilton, like many people with superior techincal skills and knowledge tend to forget steps when they are creating a process or a product. It’s natural, they insert those steps like they are BREATHING. Sometimes people who know their field really well, leave a lot of things OUT!

For those of us who are LESS technically inclined we need to see and be shown EVERY LITTLE STEP! So when I review products by Dave or anyone else, I become MR. STUPID.

This “character” knows NOTHING about the topic. This is probably true for many of the people who will buy YOUR products. They may know NOTHING about your topic, ideas or products.

Having Mr. Stupid invloved will:

1. Help you from skipping steps.
2. Ensure that your product is clear and easy to follow.

3. Make it basic enough that even the “dumbest” buyer of your product can figure it out.
4. Make it so you’ll get less returns.

5. Give people both the WHAT and the HOW to do it.

You’ve probably bought products that told you WHAT to do and not HOW to do it. MANY of the “gurus” of info product marketing TELL you to do it this way. I disagree 1000%.

There argument is if you tell people HOW to do it then you can’t sell them anything else. True. BUT, what about the level of trust you’ve created with those individuals? What is their likelihood of buying from you again? My guess? Not so much.

Similarly, what about the people who create products where you always feel you have to buy their NEXT product (more expensive of course) to get the REAL answers? Been there? Me too!

They may get you to buy another product but they will also REALLY PISS YOU OFF!

I always tell my clients that the fear that people will run off and do it themselves when you give them the HOW-TO-DO-IT portion is a REAL concern. Some of them will! You won’t see them again. BUT, your reputation will be intact. They will say POSTIIVE things abou you. They will buy again from you if the opportunity arises.

This the LONG VIEW of info product marketing.

Another HUGE benefit of doing things this way is if you sell a high end product or service on the back end. If you give people the HOW to do it with your smaller, cheaper product, they will end up calling you to “do it for them” when it comes to the more expensive services and products that you offer.

Why? Because they know and TRUST YOU, but they simply don’t have the time to do it themselves!!

See you next time,


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