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Obama and Sotomayor: Better to ADMIT You were WRONG

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I don’t get it. Or should I say, I don’t think POLITICIANS get it! What the heck is so bad about admitting you made a mistake?

Whether it was soon to be confirmed Justice Sotomayor, or the President himself, saying: “I BLEW IT!” would have worked much better.

Just imagine if Sotomayor would have said: When I gave those speeches I exercise poor judgement and I was wrong. She could have then gone on to say anything she wanted to “defend” her “wise Latina” comments.

In Obama’s case, what if he would have said: “I was wrong to take sides in an argument before knowing all the facts.”

In BOTH of these cases, the individuals have been poorly advised. The American people are extremely forgiving and those on the fence would have been happy to give BOTH of them the benefit of the doubt.

The hardcores on either end of the spectrum won’t change their minds, but the folks in the middle CAN and WILL.

As a registered Libertarian, I have NO dog in this fight!

Their advisors, in all likelihood, told them to subtly admit mistakes without TRULY admitting a mistake. This is BAD advice. In both cases, they would have had INSTANT support from those in the middle.


Because ALL OF US make mistakes. Just because you’re the President of the U.S. or a future Supreme court justice, it does not make you less/more than human.

Doing what their advisors clearly TOLD them to do was a HUGE mistake. Although she will get confirmed, and Obama will still be president, their actions have HURT both of them immensely.

So, what about us information marketing folks? What does this mean for us?

It’s CRYSTAL CLEAR. When you make a mistake, admit it. You’ll actually GAIN credibility with your “peeps.” People understand you can sometimes make a bad decision or support someone who turns out to be a crook.

NO ONE likes or believes someone who tries to OBFUSCATE. Tell ’em you blew it. Plain and simple. No sugar coating.

Example from me?

A few years back I promoted a product based on the recommendation of a friend. It turned out to be 1000% BOGUS. I immediately emailed everyone and said I had made a mistake.

I felt like an ASS. BUT, I would have felt like a FRAUD had I not fessed up and admitted that I was wrong.

Not only was this the RIGHT thing to do, it was good for business. Funny how that happens sometimes!

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