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I didn’t come up with this line, I heard it from someone. I now forget who it was, but if it was YOU, thanks! It’s a great line.

Here is what it means to me.

There are a few people in my life that I’ve gotten to know well enough and trust enough that I could PLAY POKER WITH THEM OVER THE PHONE.

If you’ve ever played poker, you know that at the end of a hand, if one or more players are still in the game, they have to turn over their cards to reveal who has the better hand.

Playing poker over the phone consists of one or more parties dealing themselves hands with their own cards and then playing those hands. Whoever stays in, at the end of the round, they have to verbally tell the other folks what they have.

If it’s just one person you’re playing with, each person will let the other one know what their hand consists of at the end of the betting on that particular hand.

So if you can play poker with someone over the phone, you trust them 1000%.

It’s a GREAT feeling to know that you can trust someone THAT much.

In this particular case, I WILL name names. I hesitate to give you specific names about people I call CROOKS because of the legal ramifications of doing so.

BUT, identifying the people I DO trust enough to “play poker with”, this won’t get me in ANY trouble, so I’m happy to do so. I cannot and will not comment on others, even if you ask me about them.

I CAN tell you that VERY few people can be trusted in the information markeitng buisness.

Here is my list:

Bob Bly
Terry Dean
David Hamilton
Sabrina Brick
Glenn Livingston
Charles Walker
David Oliver

That’s it? YUP! That’s it. At this point in time I have a relatively short list of people who I would trust to babysit my kids (similar to the poker concept).

Are there more? I sure hope so. I’d like to meet them and get to know them.

TRUST is the key ingredient to a relationship. Business or personal. I ONLY want people in my life who I feel this way about.

Does this position cost me? You betcha. Big time.

There are people who are not on this list who have approached me with BIG deals that I have not gone for. I’ve lost LOST of money sticking to my guns.

As I always tell you, I’m not a boyscout. I behave this way not just because of a strong MORAL position, but also because I think that ONLY doing business with folks who are worthy of trust is a VERY wise long term business move.

Who is on your List?

Take a look at ALL the people you do business with. Can you play poker with them over the phone? Do other people feel these folks are worthy of trust? Ask around and see. If you hear a lot of negative feedback, be careful. Check again.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure that there are a few people who think I’ve done something unethicial to them. We’ve all made mistakes, but if I’ve made a decision with regards to an individual situation, I can always show WHY I did it and WHY I thought it was ethically sound.

That being said, there are ALWAYS people who will have a gripe with you. I remember a guy who wanted a refund. He said he paid me for something. I looked in my account. Nothing. I had NO record of him paying me.

YET, he wanted me to give him money. I told him that as soon as he could produce a copy of a cancelled check or a credit card statement or receipt I would be happy to give him a refund. He could not. BUT, I’ll bet he’s still upset with me.

Go figure.

I have had a couple of people who put down a deposit to attend my fredinfobootcamp. They then decided not to attend. I could not find someone to take their place. They did not ask for a refund and they were not entitled to one given the terms and conditions on the site.

I told BOTH parties that I would GLADLY let them attend another bootcamp and give them FULL credit for their deposit money they had paid me. I have heard from neither of them, but if they read this, I would be HAPPY to honor that request and let them attend another event.

What about people who BLATANTLY take advantage of you? They order products and then return them for no good reason. You can’t do a thing about that in this business.

All you can do is crank out great products and give it your best shot. Thats’ ALL you can do.

It’s also a reason that I’m converting ALL of my products except my physical books to be 100% downloadable. At least when I get a refund request I don’t have to go through the hassle of asking people to RETURN the product.

Many people who want their money back in this business won’t even contact you. They’ll go directly to their credit card companies and ask them to “charge you back” for the purchase.

Certainly there ARE those people where the products I’ve sent them are NOT what they want or need. BUT, many times they are just taking advantage of me (or you)!

What do you do?

I hate to say that I have a 1 STRIKE rule, but in some cases I do. I just got a guy who asked for a refund who then got pretty belligerent. It was his first purchase from me and he just wasn’t the type of customer I want to have in my database.

I blocked his IP address.

Simple as that. That way he won’t be able to do it again. At least not from THAT computer.

I’m not telling you this is the ONLY or even the BEST way to look and handle these things, I’m merely sharing what I do.

Just make sure you deal with people you trust.

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