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It’s only $97 for 2 days!!! If you live anywhere NEAR the NY/NJ/CT/PA area, this should be an event you attend.

Seriously can’t afford the entry fee? There are a few scholarships left for those who can prove they TRULY can’t afford the tuition. Also, let me know if you are a student. We have some student tickets available.

Contact me directly at fredgleeck (at) gmail (dot) com

Other Publishing Related Info:

Have you heard about this one? A new site for authors who want to sell their content in digital form. You set the price and you get 80% of the money. Just signed up and will report more in the future. For NOW, all looks pretty good.

It’s always a good idea to sell your content (particularly in digital form) in as many places as you can.

I’ll tell you more, but I would go sign up for this right now. No fees. Good deal. Let’s see!


That being said, I’m SICK and TIRED of Amazon and their B.S.!!!

I am in their advantage program which I’ve recommended to you and others for years. Now, I have to WITHDRAW that rec. Why?

Just the other day they ask me to send ONE COPY OF a book. By the time I send it I will LOSE money. Yeah, that’s a GREAT way to keep your customers happy!


Someone has to whisper in Jeff Bezos’ ear that he can only piss people off for so long before they end up revolting.

Bezos should be worried. As soon as Apple releases a BETTER version of the Kindle, LOOK OUT!

As for now, I’m about to extricate myself from Amazon altogether. I’m going to just start selling my books on my own site. Haven’t done so in the past because I didn’t want to sell onesy twosey’s of the books.

So, if people want PHYSICAL books I’ll sell them with a minimum order of $50. If they only want one book and their total is less than that amount, I’ll sell them the digital version of the book.

That’s MY plan!!

Put Up Your Own Sites in Less than 10 Minutes?!?

My friend and colleague Dave Hamilton has done an amazing thing. You’ve got to look at:

He’s made it so that anyone can put up a sales site in less than 10 Minutes. AND, they look really good AND they are SEO friendly.

He also has a new video for you to look at here:

Mac vs. PC for Information Marketers

The Apple ads that pit the mac guy against the PC guys are fun and clever. Being a mac person I probably enjoy them more than those in the “other” camp.

BUT . . . . looking at this from a strictly practical point of view, information marketers really SHOULD have macs.

Why? Well let’s take a look at what info product folks need to produce. First, they need to write and produce written material. MS Word and Adobe Acrobat can make that happen quickly and easily.

Then you need to produce audio and video products. I can think of NOTHING more simple to use than the Apple products. IMovie and Itunes (and maybe Garageband) are all you need to do excellent audio and video products.

I’m about to get going on a documentary film shortly. Most “professionals” would use Final Cut for editing. For most people, this is now OVERKILL. If you’re an information marketer, IMovie is all you need. Full stop.

Like I’ve told you before in this ezine, if you DO get a mac, make sure to also get their One-to-one training package for a year. $99!!! This price is RIDICULOUS!

You can go in every week for an hour and learn ALL you need to know about how to produce your own EVERYTHING. Websites, audios, videos, blogs, you name it. They will show you HOW to do it. Great value.

Most recently I’ve been trying to figure out how to most efficiently do my videos. The OLD way was to record directly onto mini DV tapes. The problem with doing it that way is you then have to take the time to DIGITIZE them.

For every one hour of video, it takes you at least that much time (forgetting about set up) to get the videos onto your hard drive.

Solution? Find a way to have your videos already IN digital form when you record them. How? Either you get a camera that has a hard drive or a flash drive that you record directly onto, OR, you record directly onto your computer.

My last trip to the Apple Store I was talking with my trainer about my fear of recording directly onto a hard drive. He has been doing sophisticated video projects for years. I asked him how many times he had had problems with a hard drive in this kind of situation.

His answer: NEVER!

BUT, I’m a pretty careful kind of guy. For certain events I would always want to have back up. There is NO reason why you can’t be recording onto BOTH tape and your hard drive simultaneously.

This way IF there is a problem, you have back up. The only thing you’ll lose is time. You would now have to digitize your tape if the hard drive crashed. BUT, all would NOT be lost.

So here is my plan on the video front. Very shortly I’ll be buying a mac notebook that will be used EXCLUSIVELY for recording video onto it’s hard drive. This way I’ll have (and you would have) a portable solution for recording your video programs.


When recording video, I always present myself with two options: record now/edit later OR record now with LIVE switching so as NOT to have to edit later.

What do I mean by this?

When you are shooting video with more than a single camera or source (i.e. – powerpoint presentation), you can MIX the signals LIVE as the event is happening.

Net result? You don’t have to do ANY editing. Which is how I do MOST of what I record.

Often times when I do a seminar I will set up two or three cameras and a feed to accept the presentation the speaker is making via his/her computer. Then all of those different signals go into a video mixer which allows the “director” to select which of the three or four inputs is being recorded.

There are a number of video mixers out there these days. I started, many years ago with a Videonics MX1 which you can still find used on Ebay quite often.

A very good basic mixer. For Info marketers all you really want to do is cut, fade and dissolve between the various images and inputs. Video mixers usually come with TONS of “transitions” to go between inputs.

If you work with one of these, DON’T get carried away and start using all different kinds of effects and transitions.

It’s DISTRACTING. If you want to know what works best watch a movie. Do you see any EXPLODING GLOBES or spinning images? I don’t think so! Why? Because that kind of thing will distract you from the story or message.

Same holds true here. All you need are simple cuts, fades and dissolves to make things work.

With video, one of your biggest issues is lighting. There are people who teach entire courses in this area. At my next bootcamp I’ll have a guy who does feature films in attendance who I’m going to be working with to produce some products. Look for that at a later date.

If you are working with video and want more information, call the folks at B&H Photo. They happen to be across the street from my place in NYC. VERY helpful and will answer any questions you have for FREE. There number is 800-606-6969. When they pick up get yourself to the pro video department. They will help you.

Other Upcoming Events:


Publishing Seminar – May 26-27
LOTS of great speakers at a very reasonable price – Manhattan location TBD Just before the Book Expo in NYC; ALL about publishing and SELF PUBLISHING!


Fred Info Bootcamp
Las Vegas, June 4th – June 11th – SOLD OUT!
Spend a week with me to get to REALLY understand HOW to create, market and sell Info Products. Maximum of 6 people. This has become my MOST popular event. Get a product done, get your copy done, get your website done. Get it ALL done in just ONE WEEK! (1 space left, right Bill?)
Upcoming Bootcamp Dates:
September 24 – October 1, 2009
December 3 – 10, 2009

Lunch with Fred – Buenos Aires – June 22, 2009

2 day Info Products Seminar – NYC
September 12-13, 2009
LIMITED SPACES for this one. Held in in NYC!!!!

2 Day Seminar on Seminars: – NYC
Small Group: Learn the right way to do your own seminars and events

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