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At my recent bootcamp we did a call with David Oliver, a good buddy who own/runs He spoke to my bootcamp attendees.

He told them that the best thing they could do if they wanted to succeed as information marketer would be to pick a “system” and then GET TO WORK.

He suggested that those people UNsubscribe to every ezine that they are on. All but just one.

If you are listening to 10 different people tell you about how to do something, all that will happen is that you will get COMPLETELY CONFUSED!

How true is that?

My suggestion? Pick a teacher. Do that AFTER you have done your due diligence. Then follow what they tell you to do. Keep your head down. Do the work. Simple. Finito.

The reason why this does NOT happen? Very simple.

Most who are interested in doing information marketing are very similar to those who like to play the lottery. They are looking for the quick fix. They WANT to believe the BOGUS promises that some of these morons (excuse me, I should have said GURUS) make.

They think that if they buy yet another product, or attend another seminar, that they will FIND the magic pill. That they’ll win the lottery.

After all, they’ve been told that they can do it.

Many of these CHARLATANS will parade a collection of individuals out who have apparently made a boatload of money. Those who are watching figure THEY can do the same. The problem? In most cases they are being LIED to.

Is it possible to hit the jackpot? To win the lottery?


Should you spend your entire life savings to buy lottery tickets? My suggestion? NO!

When people come to my events or speak to me on the phone, I make it VERY clear that if you’re looking to make a truckload of money overnight, I’m NOT your guy.

Go somewhere else . . . Go buy lottery tickets!

You’ve got more chances for success that way.

If you’re reading this ezine, chances are you have a college degree. If you don’t, don’t feel bad. I’ve got a Masters Degree. Worthless!

But, that being said, you were willing to go through 4 years of school to get a degree. That would then qualify you to become the INDENTURED servant of some large corporation.

After you did that, you went to work, got frustrated, quit or got fired (like I did 5 times). You then decided to get into information marketing. You googled things, you found GURUS. You subscribed to all of their ezines.

BUT NOW, you didn’t have time to put in another 4 years. You didn’t want to go back to college. NO . . . . . you wanted all the rewards without any of the work. You wanted to WIN THE LOTTERY.

Good luck. Ain’t gonna happen. Not for most of you.

My solution?

Understand that you may have to put in 4 years again using MY system. Will it make you rich? Maybe. If you put in your time and do what I tell you, you’ll have a very good chance of creating a very nice regular check for yourself.


MOST people won’t do this. They are convinced that if they look HARD ENOUGH they’ll find the silver bullet. THE SYSTEM. That which will require NO WORK.

If you’re a smart person, you’ve got to realize that this is DELUSIONAL thinking. STOP IT! Stop it NOW!

Pick a person you believe in. I’d be honored if you picked me. But regardless of who you pick, follow their advice.

Do your work. Understand it will take time. If you don’t agree with me. Unsubscribe!

AND . . . start buying lottery tickets!

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Consult With Fred Gleeck

Want to get some advice DIRECTLY from me? Find out how I can help you (one-on-one) with YOUR business. The rates are surprisingly affordable!

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