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I’ve spoken about this before in this ezine, but it bears repeating. There are some information marketing gurus who talk about how they will be retiring VERY shortly.

When you get a chance, ask Richard Branson when he’ll be retiring. What about Donald Trump? When you see him ask him the same question!

People who LOVE what they do, regardless of how much money they make, aren’t DREAMING about retirement.

Is it fun to make money? Absolutely. The more the better? Yep!

But unless you’d be doing what you’re doing now for FREE, you’re in the wrong business or profession.

For myself, I find the creating and selling of information products fascinating. I particularly like seeing if I can help other people do it as well. It’s challenging and interesting to me.

I’m always learning something new and that keeps things fun as well.

To see if I REALLY liked it, I asked myself the following question: IF I won the lottery tomorrow, would I still keep doing it? I ask myself this question the week a guy who worked in maintenance for Madison Square Garden turned a $2 ticket into HUGE money.

So, if I won that jackpot myself, would I still do what I’m doing? Absolutely. I’d pay off my mortgages, take care of some family members who need help and then keep on doing what I’m doing. Would it be LESS stressful? I guess so. Would I STOP doing what I’m doing? Nope.

What about you?

Let’s say you won the lottery tomorrow? Would you still be doing what YOU’RE doing? If not, you need to take a serious look at your situation and take steps to CHANGE it.

So the next time you see another sales letter or website show you how you can retire early “like they did”, don’t be jealous, but feel sorry for those folks. Clearly they aren’t really doing anything that excites them enough to KEEP doing it if they made a ton of cash tomorrow.

To me, that’s kinda sad!

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