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A recent FB post when like this:

“Put your whole heart and soul into your success. Don’t hold anything back and don’t let anything stop you or discourage you.”

Wow. Now I know exactly WHAT TO DO!


I’m sick of this kind of crap. If I want pithy sayings I’ll stop by Barnes and Noble and pick up a book of CLEVER QUOTES.

The argument on the other side goes:

But this encourages people. Encourages them to do what? Read more clever and pithy sayings and remained planted with their butts GROWING into the couch?

I don’t buy it. Motivation does NOT equal progress. For that matter MOVEMENT does not equal progress. Yes, you can quote me on that! lol

I just read a GREAT book by Barbara Ehrenreich called Bright-Sided. I encourage you to pick it up.

There are some things in the book I don’t agree with, but her basic premise I believe is true. THINKING positive will not NECESSARILY help you do squat!

Pick it up if you want to read some challenging material. Things you won’t hear elsewhere. Pick it up if you are an NSA member.

Anyone who is a speaker will immediately delight in her description of what happened when she attended a recent convention and was inundated with POSITIVE THINKERS.

Rather than sitting around reading clever motivational sayings, do the following:

– Decide what you REALLY want to do
– Find someone who is doing it already
– Analyze how they got to where they are
– Do SIMILAR things with your own twist to get there

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