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Sophisticated B.S. Artists

I recently found my name on a list of people that someone liked and admired. This list was public. Although it was flattering to be publicly touted as a knowledgeable expert, the first thing I did was look at who ELSE was on the list.


Some of the other people on the list were NOT people I respected. Some of them were confirmed CROOKS.

I contacted the person and asked to be removed from the list. I did not want to have my name included in a list where some of the people enumerated were “dirty” in my opinion. What’s dirty?

It’s sort of like what the Supreme Court says about pornography. Not saying I agree with them on that issue, but I KNOW dirty when I see it.

Dirty is like pregnancy, you can’t be a LITTLE bit pregnant.

You’re either DIRTY or you’re not.

I see lots of information marketers STRETCHING their ethical standards. There are some people who I USED to think were clean who regularly associate with those who I KNOW are dirty.

Net result for me? I have ZERO respect for the people who will EXCUSE behavior that is clearly unethical.

Why do they excuse it? Because the DIRTY people will help these folks benefit financially.

Who am I speaking about? They know who they are. Some of them are “devoutly religious” people who STILL continue to do business with people who are CROOKED.


How VERY religious of them! How devout. How devoted to the Almighty. ALMIGHTY DOLLAR that is.

Beware and be careful. There are thieves among us.

Customers Pushing YOU (or me) Around

I recently got an email from a customer who had purchased some of my materials a couple of years ago. She was upset because some of the CDs that came with the package she bought didn’t work. NOT good.

She was also upset I had not responded to her emails. One problem. She had the wrong email address. Mine is fredgleeck (at) gmail (dot) com.

Tough for me to have made things right if I didn’t hear from her. So, I got on the phone and called her. I apologized and then offered to spend some time with her doing some one one one coaching.

I spent a GOOD deal of time with her on the phone. It came out to close to 75 minutes total with two separate calls. This was NOT part of the package she bought, but I felt bad and wanted to make things right.

She then emailed me and asked me for feedback on about EIGHT of her websites. I looked at the first one and spent some time there. I gave her two VERY important suggestions. I emailed her those suggestions.

These two suggestions would have substantially increased her business. She did NOT implement them.

Instead I got a threatening email. YELLING at me for not spending a LOT of time looking at each one of the eight sites.

At this point, I got pissed off. I had already given her MUCH more than the initial value of the package she purchased.

How would YOU feel? I’ll bet it was the same way I felt.

There is nothing worse that feeling like you’ve gone out of your way for someone and they spit in your face.

Everyone makes mistakes. Some of us make more than most people. When you screw something up, it’s always good to try and fix it.

When you DO try and fix it, the last thing you want to do is get kicked in the teeth as your “REWARD.”


Treat your customers well, but FIRE customers who are unreasonable. They drain your energy and are not worth your time.

She also informed me that she would “report” my actions to certain members of her association.

Then I told her that I had saved all of her emails and SAVED all of her threatening voice mails. I don’t think she expected me to do that.

All of a sudden, she struck a different tone. Good. I don’t want to be bullied. Nor should you.

Do the right thing, but CUT LOOSE people who mistreat you. DONE!!

Info Capture: Here TODAY, Gone in 2 Minutes

I know I’m getting older, but other people have this problem as well. You get this incredible idea while driving in the car and promise yourself to write it down and do something with it when you get home.

You get home and try and access that hard drive in your head. You do a search. NOTHING. You can’t remember what your brilliant idea was.


Always have some means of capturing your ideas wherever you are. Since writing while driving isn’t a great idea (although I have actually seen a guy READING while driving), you need to have some kind of recording device.

This will allow you to quickly capture any and all of these great ideas.

Do this now!

PayPal Credit/Debit Cards

Ebay is great and so it PayPal. Or at least MOST of what Paypal does is pretty darned good. On my recent trip to Europe, I took my PayPal card with me to get cash out of the ATM machines when I needed cash.

When you travel overseas, this is the way to get the BEST exchange rates. Via ATM.

The problem is that PayPal credit cards are a ROYAL pain in the ass. First off, their service STINKS. Have you tried to call their support line? UNbelieveable!

Not only are they incompetent, I’ve even had them LIE to me. Maybe not intentionally, but it sure felt like it.

Here’s an example of how if I were the C.E.O. of this operation, I’d get on the phone every once in a while when I heard these kinds of complaints. I’d act like a customer and SEE for MYSELF what was going on.

Trust me, they would be flabbergasted!

I got to withdraw money once, then they shut down the account. According to customer service, I should have TOLD THEM about my trip to Europe.

I did NOT have to do this with my Bank of America card. If Paypal want to run a REAL credit card business they need to make it work like a REAL card.

This is your warning.

IF you have a PayPal credit card (which is a GREAT idea) be warned that they have PROBLEMS.

Why I Do Lunch With Fred

People always question why I would spend the time to do these events. For those of you who don’t know about them, most of the time when I travel I hold a lunch where up to 8 people can show up.

It’s usually a fairly long lunch. About 2 hours or so.

I’ll talk about new trends and ideas but mostly the lunch is devoted to answering specific questions from those who attend. They also get to know each other and network amongst themselves.

I charge $100 per person which is a very low price point. BUT, if everyone shows up, it comes pretty close to my hourly rate for coaching and consulting work.

To be honest, I think I’ve had only one or two lunches that were fully booked.

So why do them?

Here are my reasons:

1. I get to learn about what’s going on from “real” customers and get paid for it. If only some big companies would follow my lead we’d all be a lot better off!

2. People who attend these events almost always buy something “bigger and better.” A few of the people who first saw me in person at a lunch have gone on to attend a Fred Info Bootcamp.

3. I get to test some new thoughts/ideas that I may use in other forms, be it in person or in a book or an audio program.

4. I make a few bucks.

5. I’m a social person and don’t like to eat alone.

Why should YOU follow my lead?

Because of what I just enumerated. The only reason NOT to do what I do is if you really don’t like people (and there are a number of well known marketers who DESPISE people – in fact a LARGE number of them), then this is NOT for you.

Feel free to “copy” my site at:

Make sure to email me with your results. I always enjoy hearing when people use one of my ideas. Feel free to share the good, the bad AND the ugly!

Speaking is NOT Acting

I just got the most recent set of interviews done by the people at the National Speakers Association, of which I’m a member. Vocal critic oft times YES, but concerned member, none the less.

One of the interviewees had significant acting background.

I also recently saw a solicitation from one of the best known ezines in the industry advertising someone who had an acting background as their interviewee.

Let’s make it VERY clear. Acting is NOT speaking.

In my humble opinion, acting training is an inhibitor to speaking success. Some disagree. Those who disagree are fans of the ULTRA prepared, ULTRA correographed speaking style.

When I hear that speaking style doesn’t work for me. AND, I suspect, it does not work for the VAST majority of those who listen to speakers.

Some of the greatest speakers the world has ever known were great because they were REAL in their manner and delivery.

Acting is the antithesis of being real. When you act (or in acting training) your words are rehearsed and the character you are portraying is NOT yourself.

The sooner that speakers reject the notion of having to ACT their speech, the better off they will be.

As I write this, President Obama is giving his speech. Most would agree that he’s a pretty good speaker. Why? Because he comes off as NOT acting. He comes off as being real.

Again, VERY different from acting.

Even in the acting field, ACTING itself is looked down on. Jimmy Stewart was always touted as a great actor because “he didn’t look like he was ACTING.”

I have a book on Improv on my shelf that is titled: NO ACTING PLEASE!

If you want to be a GREAT speaker, get REALLY comfortable with your subject matter and go out there and be YOURSELF.

This will work better than all the acting training you can or will ever get.

The “BEST” Don’t Always Get the Recognition/Limelight

Have you noticed something? There are people who end up “making it” who are less good or qualified than YOU are at what they do?

Get used to it.

I’ve seen MANY examples of this fact over the years.

There is a guy who I know who is, at best, average in his field. He has become a nationally recognized “expert” that field!

Make that INTERNATIONAL expert. Crazy s**t!!!!

Does this bother you? Do you see someone who is less qualified/knowledgeable than YOU who is “up there” while you sit in the stands watching?

My answer: Life is not fair. Mediocrity is often rewarded. All you have to do is look at our politicians. Are they the best and the brightest? HA!!!!

So what are you and I to do when we feel this way?

Just keep on doing what you do as EXCELLENTLY as you can. There may be others who are slicker than you, but try not to ever let them be BETTER than you.

Will you eventually “make it” in the long run? Sorry, but the answer may be: NO!

The good don’t always get rewarded in the end. This is not the movies. This is real life. My Dad was a very talented Diplomat. He NEVER got to be an ambassador. I think he would have been a good one.

Why? Because one of the major components in the Foreign Service is PLAYING THE GAME. He didn’t do it that well. I have followed in his footsteps.

As a kid I learned a pretty good lesson on the golf course. I was playing in a tournament and hit a GREAT shot from about 120 yards out. It ended up no more than 2 feet from the hole.

NO ONE clapped. I missed the putt.

Why? I think that inside I was PISSED OFF that no one in the gallery (small but about 3 or 4 deep) gave me the recognition I think I deserved. This is the behavior of a child. It should NOT be how an adult behaves or reacts.

Go to the Source! But You Don’t have to STAY There!

Do you ever hear or read something and think: “WOW, that was really good! Really interesting! Unreal that someone like him/her thought of that!”

Chances are they did NOT!

We’ve all heard the expression: there is nothing new under the sun. Well, it’s pretty well true.

I want to talk about TWO sides of this issue.

I got to thinking about this because JUST BEFORE writing this section. I was in my garage going through a bunch of old learning programs on cassette.

Remember them?

Side 1

Always try and find the source of great ideas that you see or hear. This will allow you to see the ORIGINAL version of what got you excited. It will give you more insight on what it was you heard.

You may end up drawing completely different conclusions. Or, perhaps, the exact same ones that the person who presented them drew FOR YOU!

Side 2

The original is not ALWAYS the best “version” of the material.

Two examples: Tony Robbins/Albert Ellis

Much of what Tony speaks about is based on NLP. I’m not saying that I’m his biggest fan, but he does a GREAT job of taking complex material in that field and making it easy to understand and apply.

I used to spend a LOT of time at the Institute for Rational Emotive Therapy in New York City. It has of late been renamed: The Institute for Rational Emotive BEHAVIOR Therapy.

It was run by a guy named Albert Ellis. Albert died a year or so back. I got to know him a bit. Interesting guy. I even interviewed him one time. I’ll be releasing that as soon as I can FIND IT!

Albert took the ideas of Epictetus, one of the great Roman philosophers, and built a whole school of Therapy based on his ideas.

(If you don’t know or remember who Epictetus was, please don’t feel bad. I had NO IDEA who the heck he was before I started hanging out at the place.)

If you try reading Epictetus in the original, RAW form, good luck. It’s good stuff, but it’s TOUGH going. Albert took his ideas and made them simple and easy to use and apply.

What about YOU?

Just because you get excited about an idea or concept does NOT mean you can’t use it. By all means DO. BUT, make sure to give credit (few people actually do) to the original source.

Never be scared to do so.

If you are a better presenter of the material than the original idea generator, oft times YOU will become better known and compensated than they are or were.

There you have it!


©Fred Gleeck 2009

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