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Starbucks as your Office

Information Marketing

I go to Starbucks. A LOT! I get one of those drinks that people make fun of. I’ve ordered the same drink so much I can even write the stuff on the cup that is then passed to the “barrista”.

Mine goes like this: “in a Venti cold cup, a tall vanilla bean frappucino with 1/2 scoop of the vanilla bean powder, add two shots, half caf, triple blend, no whip cream.”

After ordering the drink I sit around waiting for the order to be filled.

I’m now seeing a LOT more people using Starbucks as their office. I never seem to be able to find a chair anymore. Everyone is sitting at the tables, laptops open and doing their BIDNESS!

If you have one of their Starbucks cards and you register it, you quickly become eligible to get 2 hours of free WiFI every day.

Not a bad way to go given that my Cable company charges me over $40 a month for a TERRIBLE connection.

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