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The WRAPPING of the Car – continued

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As I explained in my last installment of this ezine, I got my car “wrapped” here in Las Vegas. They did an amazing job and it looks really good.

But more importantly here is the preliminary DATA. VERY preliminary. I will keep you posted as more comes in.

In the first full day on the road I got about 300% more traffic via the domain name on my car. Statistically significant, but still a bit early to generalize.

I can be kinda slow sometimes, so something else just hit me in the back of the head on this issue.

When I drive back and forth to LA or anywhere for that matter, I won’t get AS many people to see my car as something else I could do.

Let’s assume (although it’s not true) that I’m driving from Vegas to LA. Most people will be going about the same speed. This means that if I drive straight there without stopping I’ll have the same cars looking at my car the whole way.

Since we will all be going about the same speed, a realatively small number of unique vehicles will have to opportunity to see my loud, garrish car.

So I go to thinking. Something that I do every once in a while.

The KEY to making this work is creative parking. Find a place to park which will allow a LOT of people to see the car. Also, think about the demographics.

My target market is people between 25-50 and about 65-70% male.

So I want my car seen by as MANY people as possible, but it’s more important that I get it seen by as many of the RIGHT people. My demo!

Since my tag line is: “Your Complete ONLINE Business Solution”, I need to think about what types of people would I be looking for.

I came up with a few words to describe them:

Like to work from home

These are just a few. I was thinking that finding a place to park where the RIGHT people will see the car would be a challenge.

Also, another factor was my time. It’s NOT worth my time to drive around to places just to be there so I can park the car.

Combining all of these factors I came up with:

Barnes and Noble/Borders
The Mall
City Library
Good Restaurants

The first four are places I would normally go in the regular conduct of my life. Fancy restaurants would NOT be one, so I will leave them out.

I will continue to keep you posted on the results to see if it makes sense for YOU to WRAP your car.

I’ll keep you posted.

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Consult With Fred Gleeck

Want to get some advice DIRECTLY from me? Find out how I can help you (one-on-one) with YOUR business. The rates are surprisingly affordable!

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