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Portable Media Expo

I just attended the Portable Media Expo in Los Angeles last weekend.

This is the first year they did it. It was a collection of people who were related to all things having to do with Podcasts.

If you remember, I recently did a program with Joan Damico on that topic.

What I learned is that we are at the start of a HUGE tidal wave. If you aren’t on the Podcasting bandwagon yet, get on aboard!

For me that means taking my existing audio content and ‘chopping it up’ and putting it into Podcast length segments. I’ll also be creating new material exclusively for this purpose.

They started the event with two keynotes. One from a guy who talked about how to make money with podcasts. The other was with a guy named Leo Laporte who talked about the need to do work in an area you have PASSION.

In my opinion, both are necessary.

I also made a contact with someone who may end up putting $1,000,000 in my pocket over the next 18 months.

You’ll be hearing more about this guy (who must remain nameless for now), later.

Upcoming Events

NSA Training Event

I’ll be attending a training event this weekend for the future presidents of the various NSA chapters around the country.

I had a chance to speak with Rick Jakle, the current president of the national association and he’s right in line with my thinking about what ‘we’ need.

I’ll report on the event next time.

My first info products event of the year will be held in London. It is being hosted by myself and my good friend, Peter Woodhead.

Peter has assembled a great group of speakers and if last time is any indication, spaces will fill up fast.

I don’t care where you live, it will be worth coming to London to attend this event. Register now to make sure you get a space!

If you’re interested in improving your closing ratios on your websites (and you SHOULD be), then you need to listen closely.

Bob Bly and I are working together to put on an amazing event that will help you to create your own copy and sell more of your products and services.

This event is being held in Las Vegas in February and it will be one of the best ones I’ll ever do. Check out: to read all about it.

Meeting of Clients

I’m having a meeting of my clients coming up in early December. Specifically, the 6th, 7th and 8th.

This is an event where all of my Lifetime Coaching Clients get together and talk about what’s working and what’s not.

I suggest you try and form your own group with people you know, respect and trust and do the same.

Multiple Info Product Income Sources

I’ve mentioned this before, but at seminars and speeches that I give I frequently get asked where I make my money.

If you haven’t seen it, take a look at:

Tryouts for Loot

Last week I tried out for a play here in Las Vegas. Let’s be honest, Las Vegas is not the theatre mecca of the country. BUT, I decided that I wanted to see if I could still do what I used to do.

The play is called ‘Loot’ and it’s an English Farce where people are doing all kinds of crazy things with a bunch of cash and a dead body. Fun.

Good news? I got offered a lead role. Bad news? I don’t have time in the schedule to do it. Bummer.

I prefer doing improv where you don’t have a prepared script, but this would have been fun to do. Back to my performing roots!

If you’ve got a passion that you haven’t visited for a while I suggest you find a way to do some of it.

Peter Beckwith

I recently reconnected with an old buddy of mine. His name is Peter Beckwith and he’s now a life coach.

Peter and I met at a seminar I did in the bustling metropolis of Rutland, Vermont. Peter was in the film and video productions business.

We became fast friends. I learned a lot from Peter about video and film production and he got a lot from me about speaking and product creation.

I’d like to HIGHLY recommend Peter to you for two things.

First, he’s a great ‘life’ coach. I saw him do some ‘live’ coaching the other day on an impromptu basis. Since this is coaching that I don’t do, I can enthusiastically endorse him and his coaching skills.

Take a look at:

I trust Peter 1000%. He is an amazing human being and a very talented coach. If that’s something you think you need, give him a look.

I just had another hour long conversation while I was writing this and I can’t tell you how great a human being this guy is. If you work with him, you’ll be blessed.

Jeff Walker Ideas

One of the reasons I enjoy doing interviews is that I learn a helluvalot from the people I’m interviewing.

Case in point is the interview I just did with Jeff Walker on ‘How to Launch Your Product’. If you didn’t get this program in prepublication from me you’re really missing out.

Here’s the second chance link:

I think that the ideas that Jeff gave me during the interview will be easily worth a cool $250k over the next couple of years.

Here was just ONE idea I picked up from him.

I explained to Jeff that I crank out a boatload of products every month. My problem I explained to him was that my copywriting for the sites to sell the products couldn’t keep up with the products themselves.

He gave me an amazing idea.

He told me to take a look at my product list and see which items ‘go together’ and put them together as a package.

When I make these offers I’ll also be offering two options. One option will be to buy the products at retail. The other will be to offer people licenses to the ‘bundled’ products.

Here’s how I’m thinking about this.

An example to illustrate.

Let’s say I find 4 products to BUNDLE together as a package. Let’s assume that each one goes for $97. The total retail price for these would be $388.

I’ll probably offer them at $197 and then offer the license at something like $777 or $997.

For buyers, this will be a great deal. For me, it will be a great deal as well. I’ll get a cash flow surge and expose people to all of my various bounceback offers.

As you put your products together, think about this. It will make you a ton of money long term if you follow this one concept that Jeff gave me.

Movie Reviews

I’ve been on a movie binge lately.

Capote was AMAZING. Sure to get at least 3 or 4 Oscar nominations. Philip Seymour Hoffman, who I have seen on stage in NYC is a front runner in this category.

Shopgirl was also VERY good. A very touching little story and Claire Daines looks ravishing in addition to being a tremendous actress.

Good Night and Good Luck. Good film. Enjoyed learning about this particular historical time. I just don’t enjoy people politicizing in their films which I got a bit of that feeling from Clooney.

Derailed. Interesting. It had some problems but I LOVE both Anniston and Owens as actors. I’d recommend it but it had a few ‘holes’ for me.

The Weatherman. I’m a big Nick Cage fan (met him on a flight 10 years ago), but this one didn’t work that well for me. Critics liked it, I thought it was a bit slow.

Prime. A little predictable, but a great story line. It may not be worth spending the money at the theater, but it’s certainly worth renting.

Book Review

The Wisdom of Crowds by James Surowiecki

The only thing I have to tell you on this one is GO OUT and BUY IT and READ IT! Absolutely fascinating!


(I still feel a bit odd sharing some of this stuff with you but I get such good feedback, that I’m continuing!)

Many people were very kind to email me there support as I’ve been going through my divorce. Thanks for that.

Lucky for me I’ve been seeing an amazing therapist named Darlene Cross. One of the main reasons why I chose her was the fact that she had a picture of herself with her dog on her website. She is a truly talented lady.

I feel fortunate that she saw both me and my ‘ex’ at one point for a few sessions. This way she had a lot greater insight into what was going on.

Just as I STRONGLY believe in getting coached by experts in business, I feel the same way about getting coached in the personal area of life.

There’s nothing better than an objective observer who is trained in that area.

As in business, you should be looking for patterns that haven’t worked in the past and finding alternatives that may work in the future.

In my case I discovered a consistent pattern. I was always finding people who needed to be rescued. I will make darn sure I don’t do this one again.

In our business life there are patterns that emerge as well. In my case, I am great at starting projects, but need help in learning to complete them.

To help me in that area I’ve developed a team of people that I can rely on to get things done. These include web folks, video producers and the like.

I would encourage YOU to look for patterns in yourself and find ways to take care of those patterns.

Until Next Time,


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