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As with any field, the seminar business has a "secret language." It isn't really secret, it just seems that way when you first get started because everything is new to you. This is true of any industry. Those of us who are in the seminar business haven't done this intentionally. It's just worked out that way.

Here are some of the words you'll need to know:

Back end: Any product you sell to people after you've sold them the front end product.

Bootcamp: An extended, multi-day seminar usually with a number of different speakers. (However, a bootcamp can be one day long. Seldom, however, is a single-speaker event a bootcamp.)

Evals: Evaluations that you ask attendees to fill out at your seminar or event.

Front end: The first product that you sell to a given customer.

Hand-held: A microphone that you hold while speaking (the type most singers use if they aren't using headsets).

In-house seminars/On-site seminars: Seminars done for a group of people, all of whom work for or are associated with the same company or association.

Lav: A microphone that is clipped on to a persons tie or lapel. It allows your hands to be free for the presentation.

Product: Anything that you sell to people at or outside your events. This would include, but not be limited to: eBooks, books, CDROMs, software, audios, videos, teleseminars, and consulting services.

Seminar: A presentation of whatever length that is fairly one sided with the speaker giving most of the information and the audience sitting and receiving the message.

Venue: The place where you're holding the seminar.

Workshop: A seminar of any length that has an emphasis placed on interactivity.


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