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Dr. Albert Ellis
I was saddened to see that Dr. Albert Ellis died yesterday. I knew him and had been to his Institute in New York City MANY times. If you don’t know who he is, go read the article from the New York Times yesterday ( The way he ran his Institute... Read more »

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Information Marketing "Gurus"
I’m just starting this blog. I’ll post to this FREQUENTLY. Insights ( will have much more extensive and detailed information. I just got an email from a guy asking me about yet another person who is doing an information marketing event. All I can say is that I can count on ONE HAND the... Read more »
Blog At Last!
Watch out for more content-rich information and seminar marketing blog posts!  Read More →
Google Analytics for Information Marketers
The last two days I spent with my friend and NEW client, Brian Brunckhorst. Brian is a great guy and makes much of his money from the three laundromats he owns. I had the opportunity to go on a “service call” with him on Saturday night at around 10PM at one of his places to add quarters to his change machine. I’m... Read more »

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