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This issue is LONG. It contains both content and an OFFER you need to look at. Another POWERFUL Bob Bly program. In This Issue: (This is a seemingly LONG issue. This is because there is both great content AND an offer for my most recent Bob Bly Interview. Please read this entire email carefully! NEW BOB BLY PROGRAM on... Read more »

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Speaking, Seminars and Information Marketing Products Deal
Hi! I have been crazy busy the last 2 months. Johann, my friend and able assistant has been trapped in Peru. He did the RIGHT thing and went back to renew his student visa. When get got there, they would NOT let him return to the U.S. to complete his studies at UNLV. No good! As a result, I’ve been doing a lot of... Read more »

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Estate Planning Seminar Speaking Gig
Hi! I just got back from Reno where I spoke about information marketing to a group of estate planners, accounting types and financial planners. Great group. This event was run by Henry Abts and his staff at “The Estate Plan.” I was tremendously impressed by the integrity and professionalism of the group. They... Read more »

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