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Book Marketing Secrets
My biggest book marketing secret is that the profit is NOT in the books. It’s in everything that comes after the books! I’m suggesting that no matter what kind of a book you’ve written, if you’re looking for book marketing secrets, this is it: produce some info products. Doing so will allow you to... Read more »
Marketing Information Products
Marketing information is fun! You can take your knowledge about a given subject and turn it into CASH. What a country! Marketing information products is key to the success of any author, speaker or consultant. Anyone of these three groups should be actively marketing information products. Not just their own, but these groups... Read more »
Info Product Creation Strategy
As an information marketer, I have a goal. I want to have more solid, useable info products that I own the rights to than anyone else on the planet. Selling information has always been my passion. In order to win the game that I’m describing, I have to be a prolific info product creator. You may or may not know that... Read more »
Info Product Systems
Every information product marketer MUST have a few different systems in place to make their info products business GO! 1. A system to write your books and ebooks. I use a very simple system where I create an outline and then fill in the blanks. 2. A system for producing audio programs. I do my audio info products the same... Read more »
Information Product Traffic Generation
There are a variety of ways to generate traffic for your information product business. In order to make it easy when I do an info product seminar I break it up into: PAID and UNPAID; ON and OFFLINE methods.  Here’s how I see it. None of the techniques I show you will be worth a damn if you don’t use them. So... Read more »