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Displaying Your Products
Should you have your products on display? Yes, but not in such a way that makes you appear as if you are blatantly selling. This is a mistake made by many apparently smart seminar leaders and speakers.  Displaying the products in such as way as to look like you are blatantly selling can create a defensive reaction on... Read more »
Teleseminars are seminars that are conducted over the phone.  They are simple and easy to do. Before you get started, you have some basic choices to make first. Do you do them for free or charge people? Do you use a free service or pay for a dedicated “teleseminar” phone line? How long should they be? All of these... Read more »
Difference Between Seminars and Bootcamps
Seminars and bootcamps are different. Seminars are fairly didactic. The speakers talk and the participants listen. A seminar is generally a one-way rather than a conversation. This is primarily due to time constraints. Most seminars are either one or two days. Although some may use the term differently, my definition of... Read more »
Seminar Business Pros and Cons
As you can probably tell, I LOVE the seminar business. It happens to fit all of my requirements in terms of the type of job that I like. Here’s a list of the pros and cons about the seminar business. Pros It’s your own business Unless you choose to do seminar work for another company or individual, it’s... Read more »
Business Plans, Product Offerings, Weekly Specials, Spoof Site Results and a lot more!
********************************************************** IN THIS ISSUE: *Bombarded with Offers? *Creating a Product Offering at a Speaking Event *Recent RE-recording of Seminar Program *Fred Weekly Special Concept *Spoof Site Results *The Speaking “Industry” *Linking Contest to REMAIN open til July 31st *My... Read more »

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