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Information Marketing Articles
Articles are an excellent way for you to market and promote your own info products. Information marketing articles are a perfect tool for the info product seller who wants to maximize their There are a ton of information marketing articles out there. Many don’t give you a whole lot. most articles on the topic are... Read more »
Sell Information Products
To sell information products you’ll have to do a number of things: 1. An offer When people go to your site, you’ll have to make them an offer to buy something. Many people simply list their products without making a sincere effort to get someone to BUY something. The business of selling info products is all... Read more »
Postcard Marketing Book Promotion
Here is yet another AMAZING opportunity I wanted to share with you that’s available starting at NOON EST Thursday. As you know, I don’t often promote other people’s products because I have some great ones of my own. However, that being said, one of the people I know, respect and even ADMIRE is Marketing... Read more »

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How to Create Info Products
How to create info Products? Great question. The answer is a little bit more difficult. Creating great information products requires a number of things to be in place.  Here’s a list: 1. A sincere interest on the part of the person creating the info product. People can smell it when you are creating a product just... Read more »
Free Ebooks
Give away your stuff for free? Are you kidding. NO, not at all! Free Ebooks are a perfect way to get your info products out to your target market and hopefully generate a good bit of buzz. Most inexperienced info marketers will ask why it makes sense to GIVE STUFF AWAY FOR FREE. A question like that indicates that the person... Read more »