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Info Products Seminar (Reduced Prices) and How Did Bob Bly Build His "Mini-Empire" in the Information Products Business
Two important items to tell you about: 1. I’ve added some really talented and amazing speakers to the event I’m doing in October. Also, prices will be at $497 ONLY until the end of this month, July 31st. After that they are going up to $997 and eventually to $1497 on Oct 1st. So, go to: This... Read more »

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Information Marketing Secrets
I will frequently get asked if there are any reall secrets in the information marketing business. The answer is yes AND no. There are certainly some ideas that few people who market and sell information products are using. If that’s the criteria for deciding if something is a secret, then I guess there are some information... Read more »
The WRONG way to use SCARCITY and the iPhone Experience
******************************************************** In This Issue: * NEW Audio Product On Joint Venture Marketing *The Wrong Way to Use Scarcity * Gambling Experience * Do you KNOW this person? Is it YOU? * What a LINEUP! * IPHONE Experience ******************************************************** New Product About... Read more »

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Information Marketing Products
Whenver I do a seminar or speak at an event, people are always asking me about which information marketing products they should create and market. My answer is the eventually you need to have a LINE of information products related to your topic. The reason for this is that people learn using different modalities of learning. Some... Read more »
Information Marketing Business
An information marketing business is VERY different than an information marketing hobby. In one instance you are doing something just for fun. In the other you are trying to generate a profit. Creating a sustainable information marketing business requires that you establish and keep systems. There are a number of systems... Read more »