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Info Product Marketing Fundamentals
When it comes right down to it, there are three ABSOLUTE fundamentals of marketing info products.  There are various subsets underneath each of these three items, but for the most part, that’s it. It’s strange because many people make this business out to be extremely difficult when it’s NOT. As a kid,... Read more »
Professional Speaking Tips
I just finished watching Rick Warren interview Obama and then McCain. It was fascinating to see the differences between the two of these folks. Obama was the more thoughtful and “silver tongued.” McCain was clearly quicker to answer questions which MIGHT lead one to assume that his answers were authentic... Read more »

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Teleseminar About Speaking
Hey there! My good friend, Avish Parashar is doing something a bit different for speakers. He’s doing teleseminars. Well, a lot of people do teleseminars you say. Correct. BUT, the twist here is that Avish is doing them for 15 minutes. Why? Because most people, particularly professional speakers, don’t have... Read more »

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Information Product Strategies
I just took a call from a client who was trying to get his information products business going a little faster. Like many people, he’s excited. The problem is that like many of his peers, the niche he has selected to try and attack is much too big. His “targeted” niche had tens of millions of potential... Read more »
Information Marketing Traffic
If you’re an information marketer, it makes sense to find ways to get traffic. I recently discovered a guy who has been around for a while. I don’t know where I’ve been, but after spending some time in this guy’s program, it appears I’ve been under a rock. Yaro Starak is his name. He’s... Read more »