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Speaking Tip #1 – Be Yourself
When you see a great speaker there can be a lot of memorable things you notice. BUT, no matter who they are, chances are that they are being 100% authentic. That is the SINGLE BIGGEST SECRET about being a great speaker. Don’t try and copy anyone else. Don’t rehearse gestures. Don’t try and be a highly... Read more »

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Selling Info Products System
SELL YOUR BRAIN POWER* How to Take what you already know and turn it into Cash by Fred Gleeck   If you’re trying to make money online, I have a critical suggestion for you up front. Do NOT get into the business by trying to sell other people information about how to make money on the internet. Two reasons: 1. There... Read more »
The 51 Most Common Mistakes Internet Marketers Make and How to Avoid Them
******************************************************** * New Bob Bly Program – read the outline below * – Free Stuff * * * Terry Griffith – a client program * Internet TV Show – ‘ (Please... Read more »

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Professional Speaking and Products
I just had a conversation with someone I had a meal with at the NSA convention in New York City. I suggested that she learn more about producing products and attend one of my events. Very self-serving, I know, but it was the God’s honest truth. The bigger truth for anyone in the speaking business is that few speakers... Read more »

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Public Speaking for College and Career
Whether you’re trying to get better grades, or enhance your career, public speaking skills are essential. I suggest that everyone thinks about how important it is to use public speaking for college and career advancement. When you are in school you are constantly being asked to get up and speak. Even if it’s... Read more »

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