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Info Product Central is OPEN for business Bob Bly and I have just recently launched our new membership site for information marketers. I encourage you to go to: There is a MASSIVE amount of great content sitting there for you to use AND there are all kinds of special deals based on your... Read more »

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Internet Information Marketing Club and Consulting/Coaching Examples The site has been launched. If you want to learn how to ethically market info products, this is THE site for you to join. We’ve got a TON of great information. You’d have to be online all day and night for weeks to get all the info that’s on their right now. More is added... Read more »

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Speaking Seminar
Just finished my first “improv based” speaking event. It was a great event. Avish Parashar and myself conducted the VERY interactive event at my place in Henderson, NV.  For a week, 6 motivated individuals made HUGE strides to improving their speaking skills. If you are interested in becoming a better speaker,... Read more »