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Information Marketing Software
Whenever I meet someone who is interested in information marketing, one of the first questions they ask me is “What software do you use to run your business?” It’s a great question since selling info products is now done primarily online. I use, and recommend that you consider a program called WebMarketingMagic.... Read more »
If You Are Teachable, You Can Sell Information Products in 7 Days
It seems that everyone wants to learn how to create, market and sell info products. Almost as many THINK they can teach others how to do it. Can anyone really learn how to sell information products? IF they are willing to listen and learn, my answer would be an unqualified YES. Here are my 5 steps to selling info products... Read more »
Are YOU Successful in Selling Info Products?
A lot of people CLAIM to be successful selling information products. The problem is you’re not their accountant. All you can do is RELY on the fact that what they are are telling you is the truth. Like I tell any and everyone I meet: Only believe your OWN numbers! The first question that the title of this post begs... Read more »
Information Marketing Seminars and Events
I’m in the middle of one of my regular events. This one happens to be for people who want to speak more professionally. It’s funny though how many of these people are also interested in attending one of my other events. The Fred Info Bootcamp. Why? Because everyone has something of value that they can sell in... Read more »
Information Products with Reseller Rights
No matter where you are in the process of creating, marketing and distributing information products, it always makes sense to CONSIDER selling products not owned by you. There are a slew of people, including myself, who will grant you the rights to sell “our” products. Becoming an affiliate for someone’s... Read more »