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Weekly Webinar – June 30, 2010
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Lessons from the Fred Info Bootcamp
The last bootcamp had some incredible people in attendance. I wanted to highlight a few of them I’ll highlight some of the others in future issues to show you some other very valuable lessons. This is important for YOU because it shows that ANYONE can start and build a successful info marketing business. If you’re... Read more »

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The Sad Thing About MOST People In Information Marketing
What’s sad? The fact that the VAST majority of people in the information marketing field are LIARS. That’s right. They lie. None of these folks talk to me any more. I’m radioactive. Why? Because I call B**SH**T on any and all of them that make up crap. This does not endear me to the crowd of information... Read more »

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Video Email in Your Information Marketing Business
I have started using a new tool in my information marketing business. Initially I was skeptical about it, but I’m quickly becoming convinced that it will help me and can help YOU as well. This particular tool has a number of exciting elements. One of them is video email. Think about it, most people who sell info products... Read more »

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Friendship in the Field of Information Marketing
Friendship is tough enough. Friendship in the field of information marketing is even tougher. In the last few weeks I’ve been restling with a very interesting issue. I don’t want to give the specifics of what happened, but it came down to a choice between friendship and money. For me, it’s always been... Read more »