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Does Selling Information Products Keep YOU Awake at Night?
Last night I almost “pulled an all-nighter.” If you are marketing and selling information and really ENJOY it, I suspect you may have had a similar experience. I was so PUMPED about certain things last night, that I couldn’t go to sleep. The closest I can come to providing you with EXACTLY what the feeling... Read more »
When You Sell Information Products – GIVE CREDIT!
I just read my second article today that “borrowed” some information directly from one of my products. If you’re in the business of selling info products, you’ll find that this happens a lot. For some reason, people don’t feel they should give others credit for an idea. ABSURD! No one has a... Read more »

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The “Chicken Soup Syndrome” When Writing Books
As someone who sells info products, you should be writing books in your field. Preferably LOTS of them! I got started late in the book writing area and it has hurt me a great deal. I also do a lot of reading. Anyone in the information marketing field SHOULD. I have NOT, however, even read a single story out of any of the... Read more »

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Writing as an Information Marketer
Yesterday I went by Barnes and Noble. My new Kindle has not yet arrived. If you’re serious about the information marketing business, you need to be reading. A LOT! I picked up a Stephen King book. Not your typical Stephen King novel. This one is titled: “On Writing”. It’s his book about the CRAFT... Read more »

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Everyone gets frustrated when a potential client doesn’t get back to them. It’s an unfortunate part of the business world, but as frustrating as it can be to drive traffic to your website and to convert customers into buying your product, there are numerous websites that you can visit to get the information you need.... Read more »

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