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Weekly Webinar – September 29, 2010
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Information Marketing Joint Venture Deals
When you sell info products, joint ventures should be a significant component of your efforts. I just got off the phone with a NEW joint venture partner and wanted to explain to you how things went. I’m hoping that you will be able to benefit from my experience. Bill O’Hanlon and I met in person a couple of... Read more »
Blogging For Maximum Profit
A couple of weeks back, I recorded a NEW program with Bob Bly. Our topic was: Blogging For Maximum Profit If you blog or are even thinking about it, this program is for you! This is a pre-publication offer for this program. The program will most likely sell for either $77 or $97. For the next 48 hours, it is available for... Read more »

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One KEY to Selling Information Products Online
I’ve been marketing and selling information products for over 25 years. One of the KEY concepts that I hear people pay a lot of lip service to is the idea of “putting your customers goals ahead of your own”. Everyone and their brother talks about how important it is to put others FIRST. VERY few actually... Read more »
The “RIGHT” Domain Name When Selling Information Products
If you’re in the information marketing business, the RIGHT domain name can be a HUGE asset. For a number of reasons, not least of which is the SEO value of the domain. Here is a recent email exchange I just had with someone regarding a domain name that I own: First email from the “interested”... Read more »