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What Amazon and Publishers Are Doing Wrong in the Information Marketing Field
If you think about it, Amazon is probably the largest information marketer on the planet. True, they sell books, the least expensive info products, BUT, they sell a LOT of them. When I went to buy a book today I noticed something they were doing wrong. When a physical book and the Kindle version of a book sell for about... Read more »
NON Monetary Benefits of Selling Info Products
When you’re in the information marketing business, not EVERY benefit is monetary. On a recent trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico to visit my JV partner, Bill O’Hanlon I was reminded of this fact. While we were out at a spa for a little R&R, we bumped into the editor of one of the city’s most popular free... Read more »
Weekly Webinar – October 27, 2010
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Information Marketing Joint Venture Systems
Anyone who sells info products needs to understand and utilize joint ventures. I’ve seen just about every type of JV deal imaginable and there are some things that I’ve discovered that seem to work for me. Do them right and you’ll make a lot more money and have a lot more fun. I’ve spoken about this... Read more »
Selling Info Products and the Internet
If you’re selling info products, I’ll bet that the vast majority of those sales are being made ON-LINE! They certainly are for me these days. I started out selling information OFF-LINE and in the mid 90s started concentrating my efforts on the internet. Last Friday, I was on a flight from LAX to Washington’s... Read more »