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Finding and Creating Content for Information Marketers
I’m always amazed when people tell me that they can’t find content to use in their blogs or other resources. I have the opposite problem! I have to figure out what NOT to use. To select that which is most relevant and helpful to those who follow my advice. This starts by having a large “basket” of... Read more »
How to Start a NEW Info Product Niche
At my most recent Fred Info Bootcamp (specifically designed for information marketers) I had one participant who was REALLY into this site called Quibids. Don’t know about it YET? Trust me, you will. It’s a site that has a VERY interesting business model. You BUY bids for 60¢ a piece. Then you bid on items... Read more »
Weekly Webinar – December 22, 2010
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Becoming an Info Product MACHINE
One of the BIG keys to success in information marketing is the PROLIFIC production of products. How’s that for alliteration? Musicians who crank out songs make a lot of money in publishing royalties. People who sell info products can also build up a consistent monthly stipend if they crank out info products on a regular... Read more »
SEO for Info Marketers
If you’re producing info products, the FIRST thing you need to concentrate on is producing a GREAT product. How do you objectively define a GREAT product? Simple. Based on return rates. A great product has very LOW rates of return. Many will say that if your return rates are TOO low you need to raise your price.... Read more »